Saturday, August 3, 2019


No, I didn't forget yesterday.  In fact, sitting around the campfire last night, a Medi-Vac helicopter flew over and all of the memories came back even more clearly.

366 days ago my upper chest pain started, there was a helicopter ride and then 365 days ago, the stent was implanted.  When I don't remember and be thankful each day, I make the effort to make up for it the next.  It's been a good year...thanks to Mayo, to Boston Sci and to my friends and family.

Sure there are days I complain, find things to complain about but I am thankful.  It can be mentioned here that I've had nothing to complain about the last week or so. 

It's 2:11 in Lead, SD.  30 minutes ago I sat down in the Hearst Library to compose this but they were closing at 2pm so I'm back in my favorite coffee shop, leveraging their WiFi to the extent that I can.

Before I lose you at the bottom, friend Mike, ever concerned for my welfare, has been reminding me that this is the time of year that the female Bigfoots are looking for companionship.  As this juncture there have been no sightings but whenever I make a stop in the wood, I maintain a wary eye.  As precaution I never take the key out of the igntion.  Thinking Bigfoot females, I in fact did witness a bull elk cross the trail in front of me.  I was silent but startled him....I waited....soon a cow crossed as well and later, a bugle call.  A first time in the wild for me.

Western Heritage Center, Spearfish.  A great place to be on a rainy morning.

Jerry Greer's in Deadwood.....

Adjacent to the abandoned gold mine in Lead.

Site #5, Hanna Campground sunrise....most of them have looked like this.

I've got 4 more packages....yum, yum.

Another section of puddle washing wetness.

Coming into Beulah from the south....

Trojan mine....

Kevin left Minneapolis around noon Friday, we had breakfast at 6AM.

On my way to Lost Canyon...Wyoming/SD border.

A long ways in 1st and 2nd gear.....luckily I'm on a Himalayan.

Tomorrow, deeper into Wyoming, no more dabbling back and forth across the border.


  1. Congratulations on a year plus one! It looks like you are having a great time.

  2. Great photos - how are you avoiding the Sturgis crowd?

    1. Roger, it was taxing end of last week. I’m in the Snowy’s now. Much calmer and quieter.