Tuesday, January 1, 2019

I-Cycle Derby - 2019

First Post 2019 and yes it's January but why wouldn't this Post include motorcycle subject matter??

But first, in the predawn coffee contemplation/listening hours, I tuned in to WPR's Morning Show and heard authors Curt Meine and Keefe Keeley discussing their book Driftless Reader.  As soon as the program was over, my copy was ordered and on the way.

From the Amazon description....

"Ancient glaciers passed by the Driftless Area and waterways vein its interior, forming an enchanting, enigmatic landscape of sharp ridgetops and deep valleys. Across time, this rugged topography has been home to an astonishing variety of people: Sauk, Dakota, and Ho-Chunk villagers, Norwegian farmers and Mexican mercado owners, Dominican nuns and Buddhist monks, river raftsmen and Shakespearean actors, Cornish miners and African American barn builders, organic entrepreneurs and Hmong truck gardeners."

Later this morning, after the sun was up, I was in the van and headed up to Diamond's for a Special Event, namely the 71st running of the I-Cycle Derby on New Year's Day.

The temperature outside when I climbed in the van....

The hint of a freshening breeze.....

The Red Wing contingent arrived early appearing well prepared.  Doug's Honda and Rob's brand new WR250.

Diamond's is on the corner of a large building complex, once all manufacturing, now a mix of businesses.  X marks the spot where the timed ride began today.

Eventually 16 bikes entered, more than one two-up couple.  A timed ride in the morning, back to Diamond's for lunch and to warm up, then an afternoon loop, again timed....not too fast, not too slow.

He kicked....he kicked....he kicked and then he kicked some more.  While inside for the Rider's Meeting, she (orange hat) was trying and got it started.  Very well done Wisconsinites!!

A complete Paul and most of Mike's best half.

Lookie here....a Himalayan!!

We had a friend with one of these 120cc Suzuki Trailcat's and thought it was pretty cool.

The Himmi an almost non-starter.  There was some bump starting this way and that....then she finally caught and seemed ready to go.  Studs in front and rear!  He kept it going at least for the first leg of the ride; I met him before noon while on Broadway as I was going home.

The Press (Brad) was there to get the story.... someone from the Minneapolis StarTribune was there as well.

Getting ready to start staging for the first rider to depart at 10:30 sharp.

The Grom was first off the line.....


  1. Looks like a hardy bunch of riders....Happy New Year Doug!

    1. Thanks Dom, we're off to a very nice start. Been having fun watching you travel the lovely Southwest...safe travel!!

  2. Damn that is cold. And here our group didn't want to ride a New Years Polar Bear ride at 29˚F. I guess we are wussy.

    1. Brandy, it was cold and I was dressed...for standing still. Just enough breeze to make sure we were facing the right way. Even with that, the sun was noticeable.

  3. Happy New Year, Doug. What a brave bunch of riders. And quite a few pretty little bikes. Love the Suzi Trailcat 120.

    1. Sonja, thank you. Happy New Year to you and Roland! The little bikes come out for the Derby, most of them waiting all year to see the road. There was just something about that 120 that dad's friend had. His wouldn't run and I don't remember what we did but it ran when we sent it back to him. It was cool.