Monday, September 10, 2018

Superior September Sunday

One more very grand and fun day!

Peg had asked me Saturday night to stick around for a warm loaf of Chocolate Chip Sourdough but our baker wasn't up until after the stars had disappeared, so my coffee was without sweet.  Not a problem though, the motorcycle ride got started early enough anyway.

Eric and I were texting early (even earlier for him, WY time) and he wondered where I was headed for the day.  The answer was that the Himalaya would do the deciding and that's about how it went.

In general terms, we traveled north.

North of Interstate 94....


 Buy in bulk when practical....

You can turn the sound up on this one....

North of Elmwood, Wisconsin but that green sign is for locales WAY north of Elmwood.  Might have been the involvement of Aliens and their UFO's.

The plan was to discover a small as of yet unvisited diner somewhere....but then I got to Interstate 94 and thought it would be fun to momentarily act like a serious traveler really headed somewhere, so I joined the tourists, did a freeway Denny's instead and I'm not sorry.

I'm always humming or out and out singing when I ride, though normally only when there aren't bikes behind me and I'm going solo ( :) ).  Instrumental or with lyrics, makes no difference, I can do it.  For some reason Sunday, that first hour seemed to be Bob Marley's greatest hits and I have no idea why (might have been the Denny's breakfast).  They got old after an hour, not that Mr. Marley hasn't got more hits, rather I only know a few.  From there, I jumped to Glenn Gould's Well-Tempered Clavier but though I know it, I'm no Gould.  So that didn't last long and the transition to Keith Jarrett's Köln Concert an easy and long lasting one.  Later, Help Me Rhonda, Eight Miles High......Metheny and Mays more often than not, on and on to the point I don't even remember.  There was some Pink Floyd and Clapton to finish up as I crossed the river back into Minnesota, I do recall that.

My repertoire is almost endless.

This was pretty cool....a long skinny hayfield, 4 round bales and a red tail hawk on each one. I slowed down but was afraid to stop.

Freshly graded with buggy and horseshoe track highlights....

An action shot of the letter I mailed to you Dave...from the Wilson, Wisconsin Post Office.

Both Rustic Road #3 and #4 almost meet here, each done long ago though this was my first time back since that time.

The overlook at Glen Hills County Park, also along Rustic Road #4.

Dad's grandfather's grandparents in a very small cemetery between Hillsdale and Prairie Farm.

Speaking of Prairie Farm, I stopped for a coffee and then a young man drove in with a 'Bear Truck'.  Antennas, kennels for his dogs, etc., all the trappings.  I was curious since my association with the bear hunters was that they typically practiced much further north.  Emmett introduced himself and I learned a lot.  Initially a bit defensive, he got comfortable when he figured out that I was genuinely interested, sharing the very little that I knew based on my limited contact with the hunters while riding the forest roads further north.  While we were talking bears, there must have been 20 Miata's driving by.

Maple syrup collection by gravity.  These are (now) many very available milk bulk tanks, once used for keeping milk fresh, cold and unsour, now used to collect maple sap for boiling to make great sweetness. Remember, you've seen it on these very pages..."Life is too short for fake Maple Syrup"

How I decide.....see those large radius arcs to the left (west)?  That is a Sport Bike road.  The tight corner to the right (east)?  That's a Himalaya road.  Oh sure, you can run Sport Bike roads for awhile but you can't subsist on them; a guy can easily get too much.  The Himalaya roads are the long term solution and this is how it works when I'm not following The Purple Line.

These are split second decisions with nary a thought required.

Just outside of Knapp....a new one!!!  Here it's going up and wasn't bad at all.

The other side going down, ditches and washouts....I'll be doing this one again.

He used a 6 row planter, a shorter season variety of beans in 2 boxes on the left, a longer maturing one in the 4 boxes on the right.....resulting in stripes.

For my Oregon friends....

And wasn't still warm and though that matters, that fact was not enough to keep me away.  Those are Premium chips and so is the bread.


  1. You are singing these songs from memory?

    1. The music yes, the lyrics the best I’m able.

    2. 9 seconds of the creek going by,you sat there for awhile I hope.

    3. Youtube won't accept 3 terabyte videos and if they did, I'd be way dead and gone by the time I'd be able to upload it. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently in one form or another; mine as a necessary hobby.

  3. Now I have "Sunshine of your love" running through my head. And it is good.

  4. I only bear partial responsibility for this but I'm glad for the little I could contribute.