Saturday, September 15, 2018

Six-Twenty To Six-Twenty

Eric and I had decided that we'd meet in Eleva, 8:00 at Pammy K's Cafe.  I used software to determine my departure time from home and learned that a strong hour and a half would be wise.  At 6:20 I was starting out the driveway (sunrise for us at 6:47).

Going down County D, nearing Modena.

I was there about 10 minutes early and got a table; Eric arrived a couple of minutes before 8.  A lovely warm morning, especially so for mid-September in Wisconsin.  Braking for deer four times, two of them quite abrupt, I was reminded once again about the caution required at that time of day on our roadways.  I enjoy being out and on the bike so much at that time, but it's tempered by increased creature activity.

Our plan, such as it was, hadn't been long in the making.  Neither Eric or I had created a Route.  Reluctantly, Eric agreed to lead after I pleaded the need for more practice at Following after last week's group ride.  Eric's concern and caution was unwarranted...he did a great job; I can probably count on fingers and toes the number of miles that I've been behind him up to this point.  That number went up by just over 300 for me today.

We walked to the Big Falls and they were impressive!

Eric's GPS wasn't cooperating....

Lunch in Hixton...

We separated in Blair and I decided to stop in Nelson for my 2nd ice cream treat this season.

Lake City, Lake Pepin.....

Warm September....

Home at 6:20 for a wonderfully full day.  Thanks to Dan (Eric's friend we stumbled upon) for breakfast and to Eric for lunch and for leading in an area mostly new to me.


  1. A very nice ride Doug, with symmetric chronological bookends.

    1. Not part of the plan, the 12 hour span was just working itself. I was actually in the garage a couple of minutes, bike off when I snapped the photos.

      It was a fun day and always a treat to join a friend and find some new roads together.

  2. Looks like a day well spent. Do all (good) roads lead to Arcadia?

    1. Roger, those roads are treasures that we hopefully can continue to enjoy.