Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hoping For 3

Since we're having another very summer-like day, an easy, early start ride was just about mandatory and my goal of getting 3 bikes out that haven't seen daylight for weeks seemed reasonable.

There are 3 loops here, the first one to the Southeast on the Hyosung for breakfast in Wabasha.  Once home, switched bikes to the Honda 400 Automatic and did the Wisconsin loop and finally this evening, took the TW200 to the Southwest for a salad in Zumbrota.  GPS says 234 miles for the combined total.

The overlook above Wabasha on Hwy 60.  I realized that I haven't done 60 now in years, once a place we all played Johnny Racer.  Today I rolled the entire distance at 50-60, never faster, never slower.

Rounding the corner at the bottom of 410th, there were some ruts but they weren't too bad.

Up to Hwy 10 then back down CC to Rustic Road 51 and its 4 water crossings.  One time a few years ago I met a big old Oldsmobile right here at the Rock Corner.

Today I met a couple of jeeps just approaching water crossing #2.

 Crossing #3 and #4.....

Weekend splurge....I'm back on track now.

I was just finishing my coffee when Carol and Jerry walked in, they were out for a day ride just like I was.

This time of year, the angle of the sun and the colors...the best! County 2 north of Bellechester.


  1. Doug, I haven't been on 60 for a while either, but "never less than 50" in some of the corners there is still a brisk ride.

    1. Briskly smooth was the goal and it was a good day; traffic light and the road clean.