Saturday, December 23, 2017

One Last Old Post....At Least For Now

Only today, when I've been instructed to "clean for company" did I dig into another box of old 'treasures'.  One more bunch of letters about dad's time in the hospital after his accident only part of what was in the shallow but stuffed box, this box from dad's sister's things when we brought HER stuff here to be sorted through, kept and mostly disposed of.  These letters to/from dad aren't the typed ones that I've seen before but instead, hand written by his fiance or scribbled, left handed by dad himself.

"It hurts but I'm better.....", written or implied more than once.

The majority of items in this particular box, postcards.  Postcards with images I imagine to be taken by one Emerson Fuller when not credited to him; most are.  He a local photographer that Gramp befriended and rode with on what looking back tells me were often photographic shooting trips.  Northwestern Wisconsin was the subject matter....trains and area depots, major snowfalls, city fires, new buildings, saw and paper mills, successful hunting parties, barn raisings, etc.

Fuller's bike on the left....

Another Barron snowstorm that the steamer had to wrestle through.

Crowds everywhere he went....numerous postcards here with throngs of people waiting to be healed by The John Till

Finally, this from Around The Four Corners, a book about the history of Barron County.  Gramp must have been asked (or offered) to share this photo for a sad event back in November of 1966.  One of my earlier blog posts, at the very bottom of Sea of Rocks, mentioned this story from what I remembered, actually once long ago personally visiting the crash site.


  1. Great pics of young men on their wonderful riding machines.....

    1. Dom, our machines are newer but somehow we know how those old boys felt...that hasn't changed. :)

  2. What a treasure. How lucky you are.

    Wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

    1. Thanks so much Sonja, the very best to you and Roland in the New Year!