Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Show - 2017

We got there right away at Saturday's opening hour and waiting in line to get in, the socializing started (THE reason that I attend) and continued on from there.  I did manage to get a quick look at a few bikes and wander but by far the largest proportion of my time spent was gabbing.

Jeff, Joanne, Darrel, Ron, Karen, Lissa, Steve, Greg, Rick, Pat, Mike, Colleen.....good to see you all again.  There were numerous other familiar faces seen going past that I didn't interrupt conversations for, folks I never caught up with again but would have if I could have.

The Show, downsizing and downsized, still a nice place to be inside with like-minded folks when it's cold outside.  Based on fewer cities being served, I'm feeling fortunate that we were still on the list.

Our future??

I spent a lot more time talking than I did looking and am very satisfied with that choice.

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