Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Slimey Crud Run (Weekend) - 10/2017

We knew it was going to happen....most of the group missed out in May.  Eric made that day's event but it wasn't our normal weekend as has become our norm.

A beautiful, sun-filled morning, just the kind in autumn that fills the valley's with fog.  This south of Viroqua on my way down.

Steve and I were at the campground Friday morning; I was a bit late at 9:30, his bike already on the ground.  Not wasting any time, I got mine unloaded and we were ready to ride. 

 A Route was planned for each of the 3 days but Friday's was the only one that really worked though I even managed to screw that up part way through.  My grade this weekend for successful execution of my planned travels, a mediocre D+.  Our rides however??  All A+  and big red Smiley Faces if I say so myself.

The scenery all weekend fantastic; the only time that photos were taken was when we were stopping to stretch our legs.  Personally, I get great joy being able to observe (and quietly critique) the harvesting and field work going on.  We saw hay being baled and chopped, corn silage being chopped and blown, a few fields worked black already and I even saw one large corn field being shelled.

Lunch in Boscobel at the Unique Cafe.

Chimney Rock and the Werley Railroad monument.

Steve and I got back to the campground around 5:00, Jeff and Eric had arrived around 3:00 and I'm not sure when Scott made it.  After a bit, we rode in to town for dinner and quite a collection of machines we did make!

Saturday morning ....

Back in to Richland Center for breakfast and then off we went.  My Route had more waypoints that my Oregon GPS would allow, so we made it up as we went.

Keeping in mind that Jeff had a 1pm take-off-for-home goal, I started heading to the northwest to accommodate.  As Eric wisely guessed, Hillsboro could have been a lunch stop but another location seemed a more perfect place and use of our time.

I was shocked, shocked I tell you to come around the corner and find Mike's truck and 2 Cushman's in the parking lot.  It made sense that they were there but we hadn't planned....I hadn't even considered that they'd be there.  After all, my planned Route wouldn't have taken us at all close to the 'Goose.

Mike and Steve were working on their pizza as we walked in, so Mike came over and captured our images.

Saturday evening, Richland Center's Pressbox for dinner.  Jeff had left for home in the afternoon; Mike and Steve joined us in town.

 Five brand new miles on this baby....the bike as interesting as the new owner.  A leftover '14, he got a great deal on it.  I have to admit that I like it or the little that I know about it ....and I wasn't the only one.

 Thanks for grabbing these Eric....

Thanks Mike!

None of our names are on the "Do Not Enter" list....but that may not hold true by the time we get back next spring.

Sunday morning....we weren't the only motorcycles in the campground.

Piccadilly Lilly for breakfast once again, the Lone Rock Airport.

Breakfast had run really late so the decision was made to skip Pine Bluff this time and instead head up to Leland.  We parked almost in front of Sprecher's....first time for me.

 A quiet, peaceful....and Empty lawn.  It as still very early.

The Cushman's arrived and were drawing more and more attention as the crowds were rolling in.

This is still my favorite sight in Leland....

He's not looking in the mirror....he's checking engine numbers.

The non-Cushman rider's among the group, left Leland, not staying as long as we sometimes have.  The weather was just too perfect to not be out riding.  We stopped in these lovely woods, woods along a road that reminded us all of some place south....Arkansas was one place mentioned.  This not all that far west from the world famous Forevertron, Dr. Evermor's sculpture park.

Ideas were solicited for a place to stop and ice cream somehow got a mention.  I had some, though on top of the pie Eric suggested I get.  Blackberry gone, Cherry gone so I settled for apple and it wasn't a bad settle at all.

 Eric left for home, Scott had another day of riding to plan for so Steve and I headed back to Alana Springs to get packed up.  Other than hard cold-starting, the little Honda worked well, well enough to thoroughly impress me.  I overheard more than one manly man telling his female better half at Leland, "it's really a girl's bike". 

I had trouble getting Cyndi's lyrics out of my head the rest of the afternoon.

Colleen and Bill once again made excellent hosts and we're looking forward to returning in early May.

I stopped at Mickey D's in Winona for a sandwich and was both surprised and impressed to see this large mural on the wall.  We visited the MMAM a number of years ago as a family and seeing this, a reminder to make another visit as the weather soon becomes unfit for riding.  Cole, Turner, Audubon, van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, Renoir, Picasso, O'Keefe....there's even one of our first President crossing a river.  If it's artwork concerning water, you'll most likely find it here.

 A bit of rain to rinse off the dust that I unintentionally put the guys through.

Finally, where we did what we did.  Friday Steve and I (red) 167 miles, Saturday Scott, Jeff, Steve and Eric (blue) 166 miles and Sunday 2 Steve's, Mike, Scott, Eric (yellow) for the lower part of the loop, breakfast at the 'Lilly and on up to Leland.  109 miles for those of us that rode the entire loop.


  1. Another for the book. Everything was just great!

    1. Eric, it really was great, some new faces on the rides and in the group. Already looking forward to next spring.

  2. Another great weekend of riding. The morning looked chilly, but at least there was sunshine. I envy how much riding time you fit into your schedule.

    1. The weekend was full, of riding and better than average weather. We've had frost more than once (I've missed the snowflakes) and some cold rain so nothing to complain about this time.

      I'm making time, fortunate to be able to and not taking it for granted. Peg's been very patient but it's probably a good thing our season isn't longer. :)

  3. As much fun it is to check out the bikes and the people at Crud.. the best part.. the best.. is time with buddies.

  4. Great roads, great weather and great people to ride with. Thanks for putting up with me.

    Scott Sinks

    1. Scott, great to finally meet you. I'm always curious about the rides that you and Steve are lucky enough to take. Glad that you could join us, hope we can do it again. Thanks for the reminder about those books and hope you enjoy the ones that were new to you.

  5. Wow, not one but two URAL rigs showed up....the other sidecar rig with the seemingly homemade sidecar looked interesting too.

    1. Dom, we had one rig in our group and there were at least 2 others in the crowd, quite sure I saw another one also.

      It's truly a mix of machines...outliers really stretch out that bell curve.

  6. Looks like a great weekend. I love the early dawn, and sunrise photos. Everything is so quiet and calm before camp wakes up, and the sun warms your face. My favorite time of day.
    And talk about a girl's bike? Tell that to the biker on a scooter with the huge flag flying. Besides, I like those 90's colors, aren't they referred to as Barbie bikes? I know the KLR in that livery are.
    Thanks for the photos!

    1. Brad, we had a great time. Some campers in tents, some of us too soft for that and slept in vehicles with some motelling mixed in. Ate, rode and spent time together, a fortunate treat as always.

      That morning time is my favorite as well, always looked forward to.

      Colors?? My 250 KLR was a good start, this twin is attractive if you ask me and yes, I've seen and heard it described as one of Barbie's.