Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wyoming - Some History Part 1

Always a fan of the visitor centers, historical markers, area highlights, etc.,  I make an effort to stop when I can, when there's time, and/or when my traveling companions will tolerate one more stop.  As I entered Wyoming, it was time for a break anyway so this one was a no brainer.

This view and the photo taken made me smile....the last time that I was in Wyoming we rode through Hulett and stopped at the Aladdin Store.  This was the exit for the WY Visitor Center on the knoll above.

It was a very comprehensive "Welcome Center."  No matter where they are or where I am, the travel brochure racks are always a draw for me; most of the folders for places or events that aren't especially interesting and get passed over.  But it's hard for me not to grab at least one...for a place I'm curious about, closer to home, a place I haven't been though will likely be a destination some day.

Maps....depending on where and which state, the official State map may be available and if not, then regional, could be most anything.  As more and more areas appreciate the fact that motorcycles are making up a percentage of the tourists, often there are maps especially geared toward fun and interesting roads that appeal to most of us riders.

So, the racks always get looked at and more likely than not, end up losing at least one of their items.

It was in the parking lot at Burgess Junction that I learned about the extremely disappointing situation with my Cheeto's.  Returning to the Visitor Center that I'd remembered well from my last visit made things all much better.

Maps always interest me; these relief versions are even better.

On to Greybull and the fire-fighting airplane museum...After Mike had been to Greybull a few years ago, he'd mentioned the museum and right away wondered if I'd seen it when I was there.  My only story of the town had to do with fueling the Ducati and struggling to keep it from blowing over.  Not knowing about the air museum and not passing it on my choice of routes, learning from him about it was something new.  This time I thought I'd look it up and go...if it wasn't too out of the way.  Before I even really had a chance to think about it, I saw large tail fins and propellers in the sky.  Tucked behind a Rest Stop, it would have been hard to miss.

The Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir...the tunnel entrance as well.

Not history, just a lovely photo of this couple in their canoe, fishing on Brooks Lake....meant to get this posted earlier but missed it.

I'll have to come back to Wyoming Historical things in a future post....tomorrow after work it's Wildcat Rally time!!!!


  1. Cool stuff that firefighting airplane museum!

    1. Very interesting walking around and inside of the old planes...easy to wonder about all they've done and been through.

  2. That Neptune is something else.

    Have fun at the rally.

    1. The only plane of those present at the museum that I was at all familiar with was the flying Boxcar. We'd see them flying around the Twin Cities because there was an Air National Guard base here. Always thought it was cool how their back ends opened up for cargo.