Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Camping west of Cody one more night, then moving to Dubois area. Getting very use to this!!

At the Cody library this morning, internet access for the first real time in a few days.

Stopped at the Chamberlain Missouri River Rest Stop along I-90 Thursday night and lo and behold, a traveler I know was stopped and wisely sleeping....gone by 4:30 in the morning before I could say hello.  This Rest Stop one of the few with a crossover bridge...don't know if Bob was going west or east but my guess is that he was heading home from Top Of The Rockies Rally.

Sturgis was already busy.....I was surprised at the number of loaded trailers and bikes already "done" and headed east.


10 years and one week ago.....

Through the Bighorns, going down in to Greybull.

 Greybull fire fighting plane museum....

Buffalo Bill Dam west of Cody....

 In the Biz, we call this Fine Thread.....

My campsite at Rex Hale N.F. campground....commemorating Rex Hale, a firefighter who was overwhelmed while fighting a nearby forest fire in 1937.  He was one among many.

 Chief Joseph Highway....

 Ready to head east on the Beartooth Highway...

 Top Of The World...a busy place....they had coffee.


 Had to pull out the Oregon 450 to get elevation...the Zumo gave up at 9999.

 Lunch at a brewpub in Red Lodge...

 This distortion may have been after the hail....I don't remember.  I'm better now.

 Might pick one of these units up for our driveway....

 Hail done, rain, coffee and a Babe Ruth bar....

Sunday was Yellowstone Day



 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  Didn't actually go to the other Rim, too crowded.


 I've seen photos and heard stories about Hayden Valley.....none the same as actually being there.  Has to be one of the most beautiful meadows on the planet.

 I saw no bears but lots of bison.  At one stop (while we waited for one big buffy to walk down the center stripe almost a 1/4 mile), I overheard one traveler ask another, "What does everyone see?"  His reply, "Aliens....they're taking the bears first, then us....I'd run"

For a nice Sunday afternoon, I expected worse traffic.  It actually wasn't too bad, that is until one car dropped off the pavement's edge and had to wait for a tow creating a rush hour-sized backup.

 I stopped here to sit beside the easy flowing Yellowstone River, not a car in the pullout.  I found a perfect dead log to rest on and in another minute, the parking area was full of cars.  Quiet rest interrupted.

 Rain drops and crowds did not deter Old Faithful....she was a few minutes late though.


Back over Sylvan Pass to my campsite....

Monday east again through Cody and out to the Heart Mountain Internment Camp

 Over the previous weekend a special ceremony had been held..."350 people".  Here one of the hosts at the Visitor Center was picking up 2 very destroyed pop-ups.  I offered my assistance as I've had lots of recent experience folding up mangled popup frames and covers.  "I guess these couldn't withstand the 70mph winds on Saturday evening...."

 LaVon Wheeler (now) from numerous places since 1942.  She was 8 years old and living in nearby Powell when the camp was built with many memories.  Their neighbors, a family of Japanese descent had to leave and the neighbors didn't understand why they were sent away to a different camp and not kept at nearby Heart Mountain.  Now 82, she travels everywhere and from what I could quickly tell, excels at it.  "Why can't a woman travel...a man can?"

Travel long and far LaVon, a true pleasure to meet you! 

P.S. I told you that you'd photograph beautifully!

 Two photographers, two perspectives.  One hired by the government, the other a resident of the camp.

It was time for some beauty....headed SW up the South Fork Road out of Cody...as far as I could go.


Back to Cody and the incredible Buffalo Bill Cody Museum Center...actually numerous museums in one.

Talking hologram.....

 Area's where Bill's Traveling Show performed in our region...wonder if my grandparents saw it??


Monday end of day....

Today (Tuesday) maybe some more time at the museum.....we'll see.  There was much I missed yesterday.


  1. Yellowstone NP!!! This brings back memories... oh those colours, and ye ole Faithful is still going strong.

    The question remaining is... who killed the portaloo and left it there?

    And thanks fro the hilarious selfie. You should do that more often ;-)

    1. Sonja, the tipover was due to the weekend's storm and no one had yet tilted or, I'm imagining, taken away, the portaloo.

      Thanks, I'll try :)

  2. Great adventure... Yellowstone.. where God goes to take a day off.

  3. Doug, enjoy it all!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    1. Eric, having a great time but that's pretty easy out here. Stopped in Riverton for a day, cool and quiet library right now, then off to Dubois.

  4. Man, Coop, you sure ranged far and wide! Might want to look at your spelling for Chief Joseph....

    1. Are you sure this isn't one of those with multiple spellings??

      Thanks Dom. Will fix when I can, phone isn't allowing me to go that deep in the Post

  5. Wow, you have been busy. Great pictures. So many places in this country I've never been. I always enjoy seeing them through the eyes of other bloggers.

    1. Thanks Brandy. I put this Post together in record time. The photo after the GPS/snowball photo shows 2 families that brought their sleds along....sliding at 10,000 feet.

  6. Coop, a great adventure, you are making me want to go there again - bison lumbering out of the ditches and all.

    1. I'm still watching for bears. Bison, Pronghorn, Osprey seen.....will visit the National Bighorn Sheep Center over the next few days.

  7. Loved the pictures...Yellowstone Park is one of my favorite national parks.. sounds like a great trip!