Saturday, August 19, 2017

Minnesota - Coffee

I'll break into my Wyoming series once more....

Today was both a coffee day at Diamond's AND the monthly Minnesota Moto Guzzi Breakfast at Stark's; my plan to attend both, on a motorcycle, fulfilled.  I actually washed the sidecar rig yesterday and managed to get most of the mud cleared away.  New rear turn signals were installed and the broken sidecar attachment bolt removed and repaired.

Just take a look at Stan's beautiful M20 BSA...

Richard's Triumph no slouch either.....lots of personalation on his and it all just works!

 Priorities...isn't that what it's all about???

 Jon's Honda Shadow 3 wheeler.....30 built for police departments and then it was determined that this 500 V Twin just wasn't quite big enough so the departments never ended up using them.


 J.P. brother and I had to find out some more Sturgis details, then bro and I followed Mike and Paul down to Eagan for the Guzzi gathering.


  1. Nice set of motorcycles to admire while having coffee with like-minded riders!

    1. A different mix of riders show up each week and many of those riders have different bikes at home so it's always a surprise what we'll see parked out in front.