Sunday, April 9, 2017

First TW200 Ride of 2017

Another early trip up to Diamond's for coffee yesterday (in the van, not on the Yamaha) and then over to GoMoto to pick up my newly mounted Breva front tire.  I got a couple of R.E. oil filters as well as long as I was there and an optional rear fender that I might or might not install.

Turnout was good, the weather extra nice and warmer; good things on a Saturday for coffee drinkers that ride.

Mike was there with his newly enhanced Helix and his I-don't-know-how-much-increased-performance.  Flip the switch and the hook-up rotates.  You probably won't see many of these.

The big plan was to get my newly mounted Continental tire installed on the Guzzi and then out for its first Go of the season but the weather so fine and me in too big of hurry....The TW200 was together, right in front and just as deserving.  It hadn't been in the shop for any '17 "updates" ...time for that later.  New tabs slapped on, a few ticks of O2 in the tires, 5 kicks and off we went.

Last weekend there was a gravel bicycle competition in the area and this road was on their route.  There were literally a hundred small tire tracks in the now much firmer mud.  I was glad I had the Yamaha.

A lunch stop in Plainview.....

The 2nd of 3 Minimum Maintenance roads traversed yesterday.

Coffee stop in Mazeppa.....

My bicycle Sigma and the GPS trip meters close enough for the roads that I go out with.

The plan was to stay off the bikes today (Sunday) but darn, the morning was just too nice.  Eric had written that they'd be gathering for breakfast and I turned them down, staying true to the aforementioned plan.  Spending some time out in the garage and then outside turned me;  front wheel on the Breva, a text to Eric about an early lunch gathering and the Plan Foiled.

I started out early so that I could make a loop, as Eric paraphrased this morning, "taking the short way is just about impossible".  The trees are showing spring color, their buds doing what they'll do.

Eric's helmet cam captured my parked bike at the Nelson Cheese Factory.

That lump over by the white tank is me enjoying a cup while I waited though as usual, Eric was right on time.

Still getting comfortable with my new modular helmet, hopefully I'll get use to removing the helmet without constantly dealing with my eye glasses.  A bit more breaking in should help.


  1. Yeh...first bike event of the year...hopes that spring is truly here..I do enjoy your blog and look forward to more as the season continues.

    1. Thanks Speedy, appreciate your visits. Let's look forward to another fine season of riding and time together!

  2. Those roads look perfect for the TW, that first one doesn't look like that much fun on a bicycle though. You'd really have to be in good shape.

    Love the wind up for the Honda, I think the Fiat may need one of those.

    1. Brandy, we are lucky to have a lot of TW-type roads around here. We often see groups of bikes out on our roads and these were serious riders on what looked to me like very dedicated road bikes. When they started appearing on so many of the gravel roads that were in poor condition, I was more than surprised.

      Mike's got the recipe for your Fiat.

  3. Replies
    1. Eric,
      It was short with no riding together. That will change soon!