Sunday, April 16, 2017

An Easter Weekend Mix

Thursday evening I was excited about possibly getting our family (my brother's new in '70) SL100 Honda back on the road, maybe even as my Pit Bike for the Road America event rapidly approaching.  The old, now rare original muffler was shot a few years ago and the last time I had  this to use around the infield at the AHRMA event, it was pretty loud.  I've dabbled with replacement muffler/pipe combinations but for numerous reasons, haven't stumbled on the perfect or even a workable solution yet.

Something complicating the exhaust issue is the kickstart shaft that's about ready to call it quits.  I'm not sure where all the repairs happened, if it was back when my brother still had it or when dad had it, but this little normally easy-starting Honda start mechanism has seen a lot of toil.  I knew that the splines were poor.  The sewing pins were a temporary fix; the weld another.  I drilled a hole for a dowel pin but even with all of that, the real issue now is that the end of the shaft is actually bent.  This off axis rotation of the kick start lever got to be a problem with exhaust pipe and muffler clearance.

A fix was in order.  The gaskets arrived, the auction kick start shaft is on the way so in my excited state Thursday evening, I started pulling the bike apart, only to discover that unlike my two previous kicker fixes on other bikes, this one was going to involve a lot more work.

An entire case splitting will need to occur and there's just no way that one of those will happen during riding season, not around this hacienda.  December and more likely January will have to be soon enough.

So, she was buttoned up to wait for better (repair) weather.

There is now an opening in the schedule for time on the lift.

Friday morning I was busy in the shop, woodworking and finishing up the wiring on the Enfield sidecar rig.

Then it was time for a ride, Old Blue was looking at me with wanton turn that's what we did.  No destination in mind, other than some coffee and pie led us up river to Prescott's Freedom Park.

Overlooking the confluence of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers........

The long way home past the Treasure Island Casino and some more garage time in the evening.  Peg's half day working at home had her busy getting her latest knitting project stretched out while drying.

Saturday morning early, some audiobook time and then back out to the shop to do some more wood gluing on our daughter's Tack Cabinet.

Thunderstorms over night and a lot of rain we didn't need (first mowing approaching rapidly!!) saw me cozily in the garage until late morning when surprise, it was time for another ride, this time the little V-Twin was anxious to get some air.

Near Welch, in the Cannon Valley Trail parking lot.

I saw a repair/air stand just like this up in Grand Marais at last year's MN Guzzi Rally.  The Hyosung was in no need of repair thank you.

This one for might try this.  Brad, what do you think???

No, it's not a key but special in its own right!?!

An Easter morning shorty breakfast ride with a stop in Red Wing's Memorial Park.

The green's will persevere.....

Happy Easter!!


  1. Did you get all of the bikes on the road yet?

    Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Richard,
      Still working on having everything road ready, almost there.

  2. Happy Easter, Doug. the Fiat bunny is a nice catch ;-)

    1. Thanks Sonja, the bunny was a surprise in the bicycle trail parking lot.

  3. Nice bunny ears! I think the cotton tail would stay on but with our rains the ears would be droopy. I love it.

    Happy Easter to you and Peg.

    1. Thanks Brandy, to you and Brad as well. Saw the dressed Fiat and naturally thought of you, especially after the last post.