Saturday, April 29, 2017

All Up To Speed

Last night and this morning the last 2 riders for the year were repaired and are now on the road; more line-bleeding in 24 hours than I luckily have to do in a year.

First, I finally got to the bottom of my Honda 400 Automatic's front brake problem.  For some reason, I couldn't get it through my head that the problem really wasn't down in the caliper but rather up in the master cylinder.  A bit of sleuthing online helped me determine that the problem was most likely a plugged orifice in the master itself but there were reports of blockage in the old rubber line so I decided to go whole hog and replace most everything.

New master cylinder from the auction site, braided stainless steel line and finally new brake pads as long as I was at it.

 Not the styling I'm supposed to like, not an overabundance of power or much of anything else but the darn thing is fun and that comfortable.  We are good to go.....

Bled the line, a quick install and the red one runs.......

This one is fun too.......:)

Routes and plans were all set for next weekend's Slimey Crud Run but something else has come up.  Pine Bluff and Leland will have to wait until October.


  1. I like that little blue Honda of yours. It has character, an looks very retro in it's 70's design.

  2. I agree Sonja, the design is classic and says "motorcycle" to most of us. The auto transmission is just one more thing that makes it a bit quirky and fun.

  3. Did you feel a improvement with the braided steel line.. ? Would recommend the expense Vs return..?..

    1. Mike, I noticed no difference in this application. My thoughts were that the line should/could be replaced and that I may as well go ahead and use the braided line. As far as I'm concerned, the steel lines are for the track where consistency and fighting heat are the issues. Otherwise, the pretty silver is just bling.

  4. I bet you are happy to be all caught up on the maintenance. Now it is just a matter of what mood you are in and which bike to match it to.

  5. So many to ride, so many roads, so little time...diggin' them all!

    Hey, shout out to me on email about your Morphous. Thinkin' about one to go with my little C3!

    Have fun!