Saturday, November 5, 2016

Weather - Unbelievable!!

The weather reporters told us this morning that we are enjoying "end of September weather in early November" and we most certainly are!  Cool evenings, almost frosty but afternoon highs near or even over 70 degrees.

Friday started like they all have been with breakfast and friends in St. Paul and then working in mom's house.  As long as my weekend afternoons are still so wonderfully rideable that is what will be happening....REEEquired!  So the house sorting work went fast, the TW200 calling my name at home.

Since it had been quite some time, I decided to do Doug's almost famous "75 Miles Of Gravel".  The ride never gets further than 13 miles as the crow flies from home, covers 4 Minimum Maintenance Roads and in total has just a few miles of pavement.

Barn cleaning time now that the crops are off.  Some farmers are pumping the 'fertilizer' rather than hauling it.

Perfect ride length and timing had me home in time to make our evening plans; those plans were to gather at our local casino for dinner and then the best part, enjoy Boy George and Culture Club.  Normally not the venue or musical group that I'd have chosen, we had a very special reason to attend this one.  My long ago riding buddy Brad and wife Joan (he and I did Montana/Alberta/British Columbia in 1976) have a son that's a fantastic saxophone player, a player talented enough to be part of Boy George's band during the Canada, USA and European Tour.

We went, really enjoyed the show, heard and saw some very incredible talent but disappointingly missed meeting up with our friends.  Peg's Web meeting started later and lasted longer than we'd ever dreamed possible, so that messed up our time together before the concert.  Lauren's early morning flight today made it tough to gather after the concert so there will have to be another time.

IF the group is coming to a city near you, I'd strongly encourage you to "feel some '80's again".  When you go, be ready for some outstanding sax work on Black Money.

This morning I was up early and off to Diamond's for coffee but couldn't stay long; something needed to be picked up and brought home.

So now I have 2 non-running 850cc motorcycles.  If there's some sort of limit as to how many a person should have, I won't be coming up with an absolute answer for quite some time.

Another bluebird afternoon, it was the XS650 that needed some exercise today.  Gravel really hadn't been a goal but sometimes these things just sort of happen and as is my custom, I run what I brung.

There's nothing sadder than a field of homeless punkin's!!

 Home as the shadows were getting longer, orange vests in the woods only for another hour or so.  There were hunters and hunter vehicles everywhere I rode today.  Once Peg was home, we two visited our favorite Mexican restaurant and then sat down this evening for The Imitation Game.

A clock change tonight and the Swan Ride tomorrow!


  1. Unbelievable weather, indeed. Hope it's going to last a while longer, your winters are certainly long and hard enough.
    Bluebird is a rare sight. For some reason it strikes a chord with me. I really like this bike for its looks of the 70's.

    1. Sonja, it's been nice enough here to break at least one record...Longest Growing Season. Our last frost was April 12 and it still hasn't officially hard frozen yet, this week is predicted to be more of the same!

      I think the long and relatively low old Guzzi's are attractive as well. This one is a '79, I had an '80 way back when.

  2. Now you are just teasing us with your weather, but like Sonja said, with your winters I hope it will last a little longer.

    And that is a perfect route for the TW and its tiny fuel tank.

    1. Brandy, teasing is about right; it feels that way.

      The TW has more range than it once had, now that the Clark plastic tank is on there. I have roughly a gallon more and that helps me a great deal.

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  4. Coop, we've had an extraordinarily beautiful stretch of weather here as well. Perfect for hiking too (if you can't ride might as well walk ... still get the wind in you hair!) I know it won't last, but I always keep hoping.

    1. Karen, I'm glad that it's not just us; we've been hearing from Hanna that even though they had some snowflakes, this mild and nice is with them as well.

      As nice as it is and as much as I'd like it to stay, I'll be needing winter pretty soon. I've got a lotta stuff to do!! :)

  5. Hey Coop - do you have any more details on the 75 miles of gravel? Passable on my Ural? Route/map/etc? Would love to ride it...maybe on Sunday if this amazing Nov weather holds out. Thanks...

    1. Dude, I have just what you need and not to worry, the Ural will do exceptionally well!! This spring it would have been challenging on the first MM road, 335th...horribly deep ruts made by the boys with their Tall Trucks but it's easy peasy now, the other 3 MM roads the best I've ever seen them and challenging only because sometimes they are.

      I've always called it the 85 mile ride and was shocked last weekend when I'd discovered that I'd only covered around 75. Age, memory loss, etc. had me cut a couple of sections out. YOU will be happy to know that the ride is back up to 85 miles (GPS says 86.2 for a Bonus Mile!)

      Starts in Frontenac Station heading north and ends in Old Frontenac headed south. Send me an email (in my Profile) and I'll attach the gpx and gdb versions.

      I'd appreciate hearing what you think of it.