Saturday, November 26, 2016

Red Wing Holiday Stroll - 11/25/2016

We had so much fun and REALLY enjoyed ourselves; I couldn't stop smiling all evening!  The weather was just perfect to be outside and dressed for a Thanksgiving weekend!  This was the kind of Black Friday to have, the crowd was huge and made the Holiday Stroll just that much better.

The 15th year for the event but our first time and we were lucky enough to join Peg's mom downtown as we Strolled about.  Lauren joined us only later since she was helping at Red Wing's treasure, the lovely restored Sheldon Theater where Santa and Mrs. Santa were hosting sittings.

Reindeer here.......

Penguins in the library.......and the line around the corner to see them.

Local vintage snowmobile club......(dad worked part time at this service station when he first came to Red Wing in 1950)

The T.B. Sheldon Theater.

Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Sheldon......


An 8, 10, 12, ?? piece band with only 3 musicians.....

The Grinch was there.....

The public courtyard between the Senior Housing and downtown...

The penguins that were NOT in the library......

Yep, that Highway 61....right through the middle of things.

Casey Breves and Sam Tsui, great voices, fun entertainers....

After the live music, it was time for the Lighting Ceremony and Countdown.....

And Parade time.....these folks serviced VStar Lady's Yamaha last summer.


Local powder coating firm....

The end of the parade, Santa and The Mrs. in the ladder fire truck.

Fireworks for the finale.....


  1. Looks lovely. In our town the Christmas events (markets and decoration) haven't even begun yet. As for black Friday... I prefer to shop online ;-)

    1. Sonja, you probably remember that decorating for these holidays starts before the Halloween items come down.

      We are online shoppers as well.

  2. That's quite the crowd! I don't think we have a Christmas parade but the fire trucks drive through town tossing out candy to folks who came out to see why the sirens and n their street.

    1. Richard, the crowd was amazing; we were surprised and pleased at the number of people. Such a nice evening in every way.

  3. Very cool that that many people come out to celebrate. And 39 degrees. brrr - chilly but at least it was dry.

    1. Brandy, these were very mild 39 degrees. Attitude and good cheer added at least a few degrees!