Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some Autumn Riding

The structured Rally Weekends have reached their end and now that we're in October, it's every ride for itself.  Last Saturday I got out for less than a couple of quick hours, Sunday a week ago I did a bit better.  Yesterday's ride topped last Sunday's and today's adventure beat them all with not only the longest amount of time spent on the bike but with the nicest weather by far.

If I could blame the infestation of Nasty Beetles upon our political season I sure would but that won't work; the bugs have been with us these last few years and are pain in my proverbial butt.  We've had our cool weather and now some really nice warm weather.  Somehow, some way, the little pests are out seeking moisture, or so I'm told.  I'd be riding with my face shield open but time and time again today, I was reminded about how futile that can be.  Stopped for coffee in Independence and a woman there complained that she had tried "laying out"  (resting prone in the yard to soak up the last of the seasons rays of sun) and literally ran for the house.  I simply don't get how you helmetless riders can even stand it.

OTHERwise, it has been fantastic riding!!

The 2nd weekend in October's rides were both on the black Yamaha scooter, Saturday's miles around Lake Pepin.  On Sunday I wandered across the river towards but not quite reaching Baldwin, then west to River Falls and home again.

Now you know.....

This round barn is (was) one of the few remaining in the neighborhood.

Yesterday (Saturday the 15th) I was again on the Morphous, the area explored primarily Buffalo County and never very far from the Mississippi River.  Today I had the KLR probing further north and east in Buffalo County, duplicating some of the roads that had been run yesterday.  I discovered more than once that totally by accident I was running some of my favorite ones from the other direction.  I'm sure that I'll say it's amazing how different they look doing them backwards.

From the bluffs above Lake City (hadn't crossed the river yet), Lake Pepin wrapped around the two points that jut out into this wide spot in the Mississippi, Point No Point and Frontenac St. Park and our neighborhood on the horizon.

Now Wisconsin.....

Buffalo River near Tell.....

Had the DSLR today with only the 50mm lens....swans on this flooded area of the Buffalo River.

I didn't try but there are truck tracks between the sign and green bike.

Bedding already baled.....

Steeper here than it looks....

The harvest operation here caught my eye......corn is a row crop, at least here in the Midwest it is.  Normally as the combine/cornhead are moving through the field, the stalks are as obedient as soldiers, all tipping forward in unison as the points on the cornhead sneak between the rows.  He's not going with the grain here, rather against it.  Moving slow, the head's points are establishing their own rows and the dried stalks are jumping willy nilly in every direction as the gathering chains snap off the stalks.  As I remember it, some machines (designs) were more adept at this than others.

Another 'caught my eye' here and I saw it most everywhere.....This cornfield was chopped which means the corn was cut before it was dried; a certain amount of moisture is still present and the corn intentionally ferments (is not supposed to happen with much drier shelled corn) as silage.  Silage takes the entire plant, corn harvested for grain separates the stalk, cobs, leaves, etc. from the tiny kernel, keeping only the grain.  With our very wet fall season, most all of the chopped fields are growing healthy crops of very green grass.

I had time to wait and didn't mind taking it........

County "Q".....If I had to pick 5 of my favorite 20, this one would be in that group.

See my road tipping up just to the left of the barn's top?

It would seem that I need faster, more powerful machines.  I must be stuck in the 30's though I did manage to surpass my last reading of 35......

Autumn is by far my favorite season, this Post shares some strong hints as to why.

I'm not done yet for the season and I say that with serious conviction.


  1. Spectacular, so well documented! I always look forward to reading about you adventures. You inspire riders everywhere to get out and enjoy.

    1. Thanks Eric, my favorite time of year and best kind of riding.

  2. Beautiful scenery Doug. We spent the weekend visiting in Ottawa and Montreal. Lots of driving, no riding but stunning fall colours nonetheless.

    1. In my mind, this time of year is hard to beat for colors and contrasts. Those vibrant green hayfields and grasslands make magic against the browns and tans, not to mention the yellows and reds.

      Sunday was warm and the tourists were out in force, all enjoying the still intense sun and refreshing breeze. We all know what's coming soon.

  3. Looks like the perfect day for a ride! Love autumn, great pictures thanks for the share.