Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 AHRMA Road America Prequel (Thursday)

Home from work Wednesday right on time, I was out the driveway, trailer and Morphous in tow right at 5PM.  Other than way too many deer in the ditches, it was an easy trip over.  No music on the way over, I left the radio off until all politics was done being reported on and then found the strongest station and listened to an interview they were doing with Melinda Roberts, proprietor of the Wisconsin Historical Marker Blog.  She's been photographing and cataloging every marker in the state and it was her blog that I spent time at before last year's trip over here to discover the various stops I made then on my Thursday Ride.  Interesting timing for me to be hearing her and about her on this trip over.

I was checking in to my motel right at 9:30, left the scooter on the trailer and grabbed only the essential overnight items from the van.  A restful sleep, awake and up at 5.  One small cup of Continental coffee, the scooter off the trailer and I was on the road shortly after 6, headed NW.  There were 2nd thoughts last night about falling back into my rut of going the tried and true opposite direction, out to Lake Michigan but I stuck with the original plan.

Exploring and photos of things that strike me the goal, it was a rewarding day and that was before the pleasurable afternoon with friends in Fond du Lac.  There were many aromas today that the interweb can be thankful we lack the technology to share but I would certainly like to equally distribute the many hayfield scents that I came upon today.

Architectural additions I don't remember ever seeing on pole buildings before.....

It's been some time since I paid much attention to any Rustic Roads (did 2 today, neither part of my plans) but taking this one just seemed like the thing to do.  Approaching, it seem possible that I'd missed it in previous searching but it wasn't looking familiar .....until I got here, then I remembered that TranZalp had been here.

These large trees bordering quiet roads are actually relatively common in this area, not unique to officially designated Rustic Roads.

I thought this sculpture garden very cool and the area and examples were many more than photographed here.  I smiled when I saw the post hole digger mounted what must be permanently on the small utility tractor in the yard.  This grassy field was acres in size and just west of the homestead, there were many more in the woods being overtaken by growth.

I've seen some huge dairy facilities in my time but the Rosendale Dairy that I saw today was ginormous.  From a distance it looked like a military installation.  Speaking of dairy, it is June Dairy month and I came upon dozens of signs today advertising various local Farm Breakfasts.  Held in many  small communities on local farms, it's a chance to give the non-farming neighbors access to farm life.

Stopped for breakfast in Berlin and sat at the window overlooking the Fox River flowing through downtown.

Naturally I had to climb Mountain Morris.  There weren't any T-shirts for sale but that's OK, I've got more than enough already.

Stopped at Little Hope to make a phone call, walked across the little bridge to enjoy the picnic table between two rushing flows of water.  That is until I heard the ladies hopping in their kayaks.......

A few years ago, I posted about an earlier trip to Road America....On the Way to Poy Sippi.  Today I was actually right downtown.

Stopped for a rest along the river in Omro......

Speaking of Historical Markers......

Back to Days Inn mid-afternoon, I gave Jim a call, then soon met Jim and Barb for their gracious and delicious offer of dinner.  A fine discussion and great meal, thanks so much to you both!!

A great day, fine riding, many new discoveries, wildlife a plenty (too many on or near the road) and time with friends.

Roughly a 230 mile day.  Tomorrow, out to the track early to be at the gate in time for opening.


  1. Your route took you within 10 miles of my house. It's funny how ones own backyard looks so different through someone elses camera.

    1. Hey Scott, you're right, always fun to see home through another set of eyes.

  2. Looks like you had an excellent day to wander. West of Winnie is a part of Wisconsin I haven't explored much. High Cliff State Park on the north east side of Winnebago is one of my favorite parks. Also, Terry Andre (which is now Kohler Andre?) is another good one.
    Thanks for the link to Melinda Robert's blog

    1. Jason, it was a grand day. I still haven't been to High Cliff, maybe next year. Many fond memories of little brother and me playing on the perfect beach at Terry Andre (back pre-Kohler). I visited a couple of years ago during an RA weekend but left my pail and shovel at home.

  3. Looks like you had perfect weather for the ride too. I really like the picture of the little walking bridge with the Morphous in the background.

    1. Brandy, it was a perfect riding day. I did a poor job with my photo; I'm seated on a picnic table, on the island barely large enough to contain it, accessed by the bridge.

  4. Your two wheeled Batmobil looks rather foreign in this farmland scenery. I side with Brandy. The walking bridge pic is my favourite, too.

    1. Sonja, the Morphous was a better race weekend companion than some might think. It made trackside travel, viewing and photography very easy.