Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hiawatha BMW Rally - 2016

The weekend's forecast was dismal, poor enough in fact that we were quite certain that kept some of our expected attendees away.  Remaining optimistic I was relying on the predicted thunderstorms being at least as much off as on rather than setting in and lasting for multiple hours.  As it turned out, our rain Friday started late afternoon and went on through the night, stopping by morning.  Saturday afternoon the rain returned for a few showers, then the clearing began before sunset.  It was good overall and we got lucky.

Friday I met Dave, Tim and Doug in Rollingstone once again for breakfast.

Back at Money Creek Haven Campground, we were there around 11AM.

Erik arrived and got setup, Rod, Mike joined Dave, Tim and me to head down to New Albin.  I wanted to stop again at the City Market for more jerky.  We all went inside, found our choice of items for a park lunch across the tracks.

Perfect timing found me waiting at the tracks to get to the town park just on the other side.

 We took a different route back....Brownsville, back way into Hokah, across the Root River, west on Co. 21, up the fantastic Tschumper Rd to Co. 25.  As we headed west to reconnect with Co.21, the skies to the west and north were getting very dark.  We got back to Houston, made a quick stop for refreshments and then werent back to the campground for soup and the cut-up jerky that we'd been snacking on in the afternoon.


I had decided that if conditions weren't dusty on Saturday morning, I'd do the GS Ride and with the steady rain overnight, dust was going to be a non-issue this time. 

Mike caught me getting in the queue.....lining up with the rest of the GS group.

At 8:50 we received the Blessing of the Ride by our Lay Pastor and not long after 9, we were on the road.

Down Drake Road and on to Deer Road, Curt, our leader stopped the group to give us a choice.  The section ahead on Deer was going to be potentially more mud than gravel and that those of us not wanting to chance it could go back and loop out to Co. 23 to meet up again.  It was then the GS800's electrical gremlins popped up.

Some of us decided to proceed and actually with the sun and wind, the road wasn't too bad (it was worse the last time I was there on TranZalp).

Soon back to Lanesboro where the Rhubarb Festival was in full swing.  Erik and I decided to forgo the event and got something to eat upstairs at Pedal Pushers.  After lunch, the guys caught up to us on Deep River and we were once again a group working our way east to Money Creek Haven.  Curt led us on a grand ride and I think there was only one of the roads that was new to me....New Discovery always a win in my book.

Lazing around the grounds, the skies grew darker as we passed the time until our pulled pork dinner and program.

The chow line formed in a matter of seconds......

Attendance we reported to be 284, not too bad considering the weather threat that had been announced the previous week.

Sunday morning, I was headed home earlier than usual to meet the family for my brother's birthday gathering.  Stopped for gas and a breakfast croissant in Rushford.

The Roads Taken... (had signal trouble between Lanesboro and Rushford)


  1. Of course you mentioned to your riding buddy with the GS sidecar rig that a Ural has reverse...

    I'm amazed that you are able to fit all of your camping gear in that small bag in front of the top box. Or, at least, it looks like a small bag. Maybe the scooter is huge.

    1. Richard, these guys are a tough crowd when the subject of Ural's comes up....I'm already on the edge of disloyalty, blasphemy, etc.

      Sleeping bag, mattress and a cocoon pillow (plus extra available room) go in the Helen 2 Wheels bag. In the very accommodating and expansive trunk behind the engine, tent, fly, footprint, poles, stakes, my Monarch chair, tools, sandals, rain pants (plus extra available room).

      Finally in the extra fancy J.C. Penny top box, the incidentals, my other pair of underwear, electronic stuff, toiletries, jacket liner if I'm not wearing it, umbrella, Warm Bib, camera outrigger, etc. etc.

      I try and save room to bring home awarded swag and this time I had as much extra room when I got back home as I did when I left.

  2. Amazing how you (and your scooter) seem to manage the gravel road, Coop. And the weather played along for a change it seems.

    1. Sonja, if you've not ridden one of these long and low Helix machines, I'm sure you'd be surprised at how well they work in "rough" conditions. Low CG, long and not as twitchy as a real scooter would be. It doesn't take much skill.....the machine makes it easy. Just don't tell the GS guys or they'll start buying up all the good used ones.

  3. Glad the weather was't too bad for you. It looks like another successful rally.

    1. Brandy, it was all I'd hoped for and more. I'm all primed, super tuned and race ready for Road America. I leave Wednesday IMMEDIately after work.