Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Fine Weekend At The Shore

Last Friday we somehow managed to be together as 4 and took a trip north to one of our favorite destinations, Bayfield, Wisconsin.  Lake Superior, The Apostle Islands and tourists all surround and envelope Bayfield.

The weekend was cool though not necessarily all that much cooler on the northern Wisconsin shore than it was at our home in SE Minnesota......it could have been (and often is) much cooler up there.  We arrived about 7PM (220 miles from home) and after quickly getting our gear moved into the cozy condo, had to go out and inspect the piers.

I'm standing on one of the rails that the boat lift uses to reach the floating boats.

It must have been about 8:30 when the Coast Guard vessel's engines were warmed.  It headed out slowly into the harbor and just after I got this shot, the engines were opened up and it literally took off toward Outer Island, leaving a gigantic wake.

A large 3 mast wooden boat tied up......

We 4 enjoying the evening......

Saturday morning was lovely, milder and sunny.  I was the designated cook (my title on weekends is often Pancake Guy) and enjoyed my breakfast outside on the deck.

We often stay in one of these condos.  I'm standing at the City Beach, the orange fencing protecting some recent plantings.

This fishing boat was being refurbed over the weekend.  Friday night lots of welding was happening inside.  Early Saturday the sandblasting started and by dark on Saturday evening, the entire outside surface was cleaned to bare metal.

A monster fish......

We drove down to Washburn and then across County C to Cornucopia and managed to land there while the annual Art Crawl was taking place.  We parked at the harbor, visited the shops, saw lots of Peg's family items, photos, memorobilia, etc. in the Green Building Museum.  I of course had to visit with this traveler from Ontario.

 Once again some smoked Whitefish were purchased that these boats had harvested.

 NOT the Sea Witch, rather one of the artists.......

Downtown Cornucopia, Ehlers Store, supplier of deli sandwiches, hardware, bait, cheese, sweatshirts, gift cards, adjustable wrenches, etc., etc.

These folks supply coffee and scones......

Siskiwit River calmly meeting Lake Superior......

We worked our way back to Bayfield and stopped at Maggie's for lunch.

Flamingos and a feeling of islands warmer than those nearby......

After lunch we separated, I walked up the hill to the Bayfield Historical Museum and learned about an amazing '42 flood that I'd forgotten any knowledge of.  Also, this barbershop has been lovingly recreated just as it was by one of Bayfield's most beloved businessmen.

Directly across the street is the Carnegie Library.....I visit them every chance I get as a matter of course, this one built with locally harvested red limestone.

It was just before closing time Saturday afternoon so I couldn't spend much time there.  I learned while in the museum across the street that the original library had been in the upstairs of a local store, this permanent and dedicated library building was the result of a $10,000 gift from Mr. Carnegie in 1903.  Photo on the wall is the old benefactor himself.  I

Still in the mood for books, I walked back downtown (it's REALLY down) to our favorite used bookstore and managed to find one......well I found a lot of them but walked out with only one.

Next door in the vacant lot.....big chunks of sculpted limestone and how you can obtain your very own.

Back down to the harbor, I walked past these other dry docked boats being repaired.  Over on the right you can see the side of the fishing boat still getting its paint blasted away.

Both Coast Guard boats at rest.....

A fish filleting machine.....not sure why it was outside.  There were 3 of them, looking new but stored outside as if they'd been planned for and then someone decided otherwise.

I was curious and yes indeed, both women were still in the upstairs window of the Bayfield Yacht Club building though one seems a bit shy.

Later in the afternoon, an outdoor wedding was underway in the park.

Some of the featured guests waiting for just the right music......the gathered guests just beyond the wall.

One of the many gift shops......the Biker Gnomes guarding the entrance caught my eye.

Saturday evening, more pier walking (we do a lot of that) since I love to hear the ropes ("Dad,......sheets and guys!!!") whipping and clanging against the poles in the breezes.

Lauren already found her roost at the end of the pier, Ben and Peg on their way.

Sunday morning started very blustery, with a cold, windy shower but then it turned absolutely beautiful.  We were doing everything we could to prolong packing up and heading back to Minnesota.  Visiting the Maritime Museum was only one of the ways we delayed our trip home.

This ill-fated trip across the ice made national news.....

Detroit Diesel......

Normally we head directly home from Bayfield County but everyone was anxious for a trip to Canal Park in Duluth, so we headed back to Minnesota the shortest way, stopped at the Canal Park Museum, had some Bayfield fish for lunch in Duluth and then crossed the famous Lift Bridge to venture out onto Park Point, the thin strip of land that reaches across the bay, just about the entire way to the Wisconsin shore.

The view across the Air Park towards Superior, Wisconsin

Looking across the lake side towards Duluth on the hill.

We need to do this more often.


  1. Great photos from along the shore of Superior! Even through your pictures you can feel the rugged pioneering spirit of the people that live along the Great Lakes.

    1. BR, I'm glad that comes through in the photos because I think most people really feel it when they're up there and what really draws many to the region. Fishing and logging kept the rugged ones busy for many years. Now when the tourists take a break or stay away, it gets eerily quiet; that being both good and bad, challenging and a relief.

  2. Lovely blog post Coop. Looks like you had a great time and yes R&R is called girl more often :) life is way too short.

    1. Thanks Dar, it's an easy and very good place for us to escape to....we're never disappointed when we visit.

  3. What an awesome weekend with the family.

    My favorite pics were the first one and the one with the reflections right under the driftwood monster fish.

    1. It really was a nice and lucky break to get away. Schedules are making this sort of thing just that much more special.

      I won't argue with you; those two photos were a couple that were the most fun to take.

  4. Coop, I am definitely with Trobairitz on the choice of favourite pictures. You have captured the atmosphere of the area very well. And I googled Cornucopia... it does exist! The name is so... weird.

    1. Thanks Sonja,
      Yes it's true, Cornucopia (Corny) is in fact real. Settled by a lot of very hardy Norwegians, I admire and am a bit envious of all those that can make the region their home.

  5. Great post Doug. Duluth in the distance... that means Aerostich calling to your wallet maybe.

    Love the driftwood Monster.

    1. Thank you David. I thought a bit about stopping at the warehouse and had it just been Ben and I and anything other than a Sunday, we'd have made the effort. Ben needs riding gear but so far, 'Stich goods are out of his budget.

      From 5'-11" up, I almost missed the Monster. It is adjacent to the edge of the street and only when I bent down and looked from a bit further away did I even discover its menacingness.