Thursday, September 18, 2014

Viking Sport Tail Bag.....Full Review Soon

Based on friend Bob's review of products from Motorcycle House back in July, I visited their site this summer, curious about what other products they had to offer.  Not really being in the market for clothing items, their Viking Bags Luggage did catch my eye.  For whatever reason, motorcycle luggage seems to be my weak spot......for some folks the electronic gizmos are what draws them and there are countless other additions that can be made to our machines but for me, fine tuning my luggage systems is a goal that continues to be pursued.
Since I use my gear on a variety of machines and an even larger variety of types of machines, items that quickly fasten and then are removable for use on something else makes them very desirable.  I've found old luggage at garage sales (bought it), at discount racks (bought it), on more than one of last year's online sale pages (bought too much of it) and still manage to keep a watchful eye for something just that much better.

I've used a couple of my old tank bags on the rear of the bikes but there were compromises that made their use only marginally acceptable.  There was that magnetic bag that only partially stayed on the luggage rack.......This Viking Sport Tail Bag caught my eye and interest upon visiting the Motorcycle House site and I tucked it away as "maybe someday."

Late this summer I was contacted by the folks at Motorcycle House wondering if I'd like to review one of their products on my Blog and of course I went right back to the page highlighting the Sport Tail Bag.......and said "Yes, please!"

Naturally, out of their extensive range of products, I managed to pick the item that was back-ordered.  Miss K wrote me right away, wondering if there wasn't something else in their product line that I might like to review, giving me that flexible option if waiting wasn't desirable.  I wisely chose to patiently wait for the bag.

Ironically it arrived this week (have been anxious to share my thoughts with Bobskoot) and I'm pretty excited to actually get this unit out on the road.  This evening it is freshly out of the box, hasn't been fastened to anything yet but I did made motorcycle noises while holding it over the back ends of more than one bike.

Watch for my initial thoughts, comments and review very soon.


  1. Coop - one thing that I notice (well, aside from the fact that it looks incredibly small) is the handy carry handle. If it truly comes off easily (my 'trunk' does not) and has a handle for easy carry - what could be better?

  2. Karen, I'm guessing that you'll change your mind about the bag's size though we most likely have different needs for something that fastens back there on the tail. Various duffel-style bags I have are large enough; my goal with this one is to have something a bit sleeker....enough without being too much. Size was something that drew me to this Viking Bag and I'm excited so far that it's just what I was after; more of a day/overnight bag rather than Trip size.

    A lot going on around here today but I'm hoping to know and share more by tonight, certainly tomorrow.

    1. Not fair to hint ... What is it? I will keep checking back now!

  3. Thanks for sharing. This is so cool.