Saturday, May 3, 2014

Slimey Crud Precursor

Following last October's precedent setting pattern, I started this spring's Slimey Crud run Friday right after work.  It felt good, really very good to be on the road with the bike and trailer in tow.  All of the paraphernalia had already been loaded into the van Thursday night.  I decided that I'd wait to load the TW200 on the trailer until just before I was ready to leave.  It's been a rainy week and I just didn't think the bike needed to be tipped forward, stuck on the stationary trailer in hard rain.

Friday did bring us some clearing as had been predicted.  It was actually turning quite pleasant in the afternoon but half way through my 4 hour drive to Richland Center there were more hard showers.  The route takes me right through one of the area's major Amish settlements and I saw a dozen or so buggies moving on the wide shoulders of US 14 as evening came.  However, just east of Sugar Grove, there was a buggy on its side, two men obviously struggling to calm a very nervous horse.  I couldn't tell if anyone had been hurt seriously or at all.  From what I could tell, things seemed ok but may have been more serious than was immediately obvious.  I don't know and did not stop.

This morning's sunrise from the door of my motel in Richland Center.  Obvious to anyone with a trained eye, the TDub is as ready as I am for today's adventure.

I'd just picked up a bottled water or I'd have been tempted to fill my cup from this spring along Double "O".

Working downhill on Riverview Ridge I noticed a commotion along the road bank as I passed.  A turkey hen had caught its claw (they have talons) in an old piece of downed fence.  Since I had all of my Turkey Freeing gear on ('Stich, helmet, gloves, boots), I went over as quietly as I could with my Leatherman.  Speaking calmly to her seemed to help and she quieted as I very carefully cut two pieces of wire that were holding her very bloody and sore looking leg.  Once free, she hopped and flapped her way across the road and down over the other side of the road.  She wasn't able to stand on it and I'm not real confident that she'll be able to heal but I did what I could.

Hanging upside down, her head behind.

You can see the red fence post to her right.  She's caught in the top band of net fencing.

Bogus Valley Road and State Hwy 60 adjacent to the very full Wisconsin River.

Indian Creek Road.......

No matter how much riding I do in the area or maps that I carefully study, there are always new discoveries to be made.  I've ridden by the Shadewald Mounds numerous times before and had no idea of their presence.  During the past week while planning today's ride, I stumbled upon some new information so a stop was in order.  Read more about Frank and the mounds here.

You can see the 12 mounds in a line on top of the next hill.

I'm standing in front of the Bison Mound.....

Mentioned by me before, these hills and valleys are filled with some incredible contrasts.  I went by at least a couple of homesteads today that appeared to have all of this year's garbage piled out near the road and most of last year's as well.  Around the bend or in an adjacent swale, a person is just as likely to pass by this.......the end of the driveway unable to be seen from the house; the house up there somewhere.

Anderson Road.......

Pompeys Pillar Valley.....I expected great things and found was lovely.  In fact, I had managed to string a few real dandies together.  Shop Hill, Anderson Road, Pompeys Pillar and Smokey Hollow together are about as good as it gets for this kind of riding.

Stopped for a Lori's Special in Highland at Grandma's Cafe.

Somehow the camera caught me doing puddle inspection......don't ask me, I have no idea.

In the vicinity of puddle inspection......

Vandalous Gate Art I'd have to imagine......I've never seen a pair quite like this.

Booth Hollow.  You better add this one to the 4 above.  Not connected to the others but close.

Stanek Road

At this time of year the trails created for logging the hillsides are visible.  Just a few warm weeks and they'll be hidden.

The next time I complain about our driveway, point me back to this photo.  Their driveway will intersect the road I'm on about a 1/4 of a mile to my right.

Big Spring Creek Trout Stream public fishing area.


Not really very many miles but I'm a bit stiff and sore tonight.  I stopped often as you can tell, enjoying the dry sunshine and warmth.  Tomorrow will be more action packed.


  1. Nice that you caught the trout fisherman! I'm sure his Maserati was parked right around the bend...I think you know what I'm referring to here...

    Interesting spring along the road. I can't say I've ever seen that.

    What a beautiful day for your outing. After last winter we all deserve more of these days and should savor every one- even if that means just sitting outside in wonder.

    1. I was there long enough to wait for him to work his way upstream nearer the tree. I don't remember what brand he drove but I can tell you that he's from Illinois.

      Pipes out of the ground, some with faucets, concrete bases, etc. I've seen but never a trough like this.

      It was finally a lovely day and I wasn't the only one enjoying it.

  2. Thanks for the interesting link about the mounds. Only the areal views seem to give away the motives. Very interesting! For me your trip has all action needed. A ride, excellent views, some cultural flavour thrown in.

    1. It was a Google Earth scan that lured me there in the first place and then the site's aerial view really tied it together. Walking around on the grass (not on the mound) made it really hard to decipher which creature was being depicted.

  3. A wonderful sunny day for your ride and the TW looks like the perfect steed for the day.

    Thank you for freeing the turkey, you were wearing the perfect gear for it.

    1. The TW is just about perfect for the riding I did all weekend. Plus it's fun to show up at the 'Crud on something not the biggest or baddest.

  4. Nice ride area, nice post! I am happy for the turkey hen too. Hopefully she will be ok.

    What kind of bike is that?

    Enjoy your "rest of the ride"!

    1. Thanks Deb. I have to hope for the hen's best as well. My ride this weekend is the same bike I had down near the flood waters in Red Wing last weekend. A '92 Yamaha TW200. Other than the luggage and the Kolpin gas tank on the back, it's as it was a week ago. There were numerous comments yesterday along the lines......"we (or my wife) took the riding course on TW's". In Minnesota at least, these bikes are fairly common for beginning riders to learn on.