Sunday, September 29, 2013

After A Busy Week.....

it was high time for a ride.

This week.....

  • I found, purchased and brought home a plow truck
  • Moved dad's sister out of her apartment into Assisted Living, her furnishings now here with us
  • Have been dealing with and coming to grips with dad's sister's financial and legal issues
  • Friend Dave (and Justin) got an 8 point buck Friday evening.....with the sidecar, both OK
  • Worked too many hours
My winding down started yesterday morning, outside with the coffee, our barn lap cat and some incredible hues in the sky.  Naturally today's mission was to go for a ride.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect; cloudless skies and warm mid-day temperatures.

The boys can't help themselves.....

Recent showers have really helped to green things up again.....I've had to start mowing the lawn once more.

This abandoned farm site, the silo has an honest-to-goodness tree growing out of its top, something I've never, ever seen before.

So far, just some isolated pockets of color.


  1. You look about the same over there as we do. I can hardly believe that I don't get to ride out like that anymore. The countryside is getting to be a stranger to me.

    1. You're so close to having it Martha, don't let it elude you.

  2. nice photos...yer do'n well Mr. Cooper... :)

  3. Good thinking ahead on the plow truck (hope you don't need it so much.) ...
    Welcome to the I store my relatives furniture club...
    The same boys must live on my road 'cause I've seen just about the same amount of rubber left behind (on the strip) ...
    Here the trees grow out of abandoned pick ups (I had a couple in my back yard)...
    And it looks like fall is dawning spectacular - it's all good when you get to ride on a glorious day!

    1. Thanks Karen, it would be nice to mostly just look at the plow truck all winter, but I'll be ready if use is required.

      Across the river (Wisconsin) there are so many quiet, paved roads where making parallel stripes seems to be a pastime. I've never seen or felt the attraction.

      There are places around the farmstead where I could find some errant saplings but a cord's-worth tree with roots 30 ft. in the air we don't have.

  4. After such a week you definitely deserved a serene weekend. And there is nothing better than being able to venture out and enjoy the gifts of nature.
    Obviously there is a hidden benefit in living an apartment life, nobody will ever ask us to store furniture ;-)

    1. Sonja, the best part for me (and why I continually feel blessed) is that I'm normally able to take those serene weekends when/if I need them and need them I do.

      I'm hoping we find homes for everything soon. It's an oversized 3 car space.....the bikes are all cozy. :)

  5. Coop,

    Magnificent photos, again and as always


    1. Thanks much Tom. Most of mine aren't special, that is until I look at them a few years later. It's amazing how magnificent they become at that time.

  6. You have been busy. Helps keep you young. Great pictures showing us fall is on the way.

    We had 1.25 inches of rain yesterday. Brad had to work overtime so I hid in the house and did chores.

  7. Young?? Is that what they're calling this now?? :)

    We could sure use an inch + of rain before frost. I know that around here, a rainy day is the only good excuse that we can come up with to get things done.

  8. Nice photos of the coming Fall. I can't believe how bright that green looks. Ours is almost past with frosty mornings, fog, and light snowfall that isn't sticking yet.

    Every year about this time, I think about picking up a snow plow. But it's in the "want" category rather than "need".

    1. Richard, as you know, we easily could get some of that non-sticking snow any day, but probabilities are in our favor for those flakes to hold off for another month. Of course northern MN has much, or can have, different weather than we get down in the SE corner. Not unlike your big state I guess.

      We've got redundant snow equipment here; I used the '46 Ford 9N for years and will have it ready once again as backup. There's also a walk behind snowblower that has been used more than once on the entire 1000' of driveway out to the gravel road.