Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Schedule is Established

Hopefully this isn't the extent of my overnight ventures this season, but it does include rally and overnight plans as of today.

Great River Road Rally (GR3)
May 17-19  Soldier's Grove, WI

The Tran Zalp at Soldier's Grove....

Hiawatha BMW Rally
May 31-June 2, Money Creek, MN

The Helix trying to hide next to Pat's FJ1200....

AHRMA Races, June 7-9
June 6-12, Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI
I'm turning this into a week, taking the long way over and the long way home.

Rod's '34 Guzzi, Mike's hidden Race Duc and my Ugly one in front.....

Iowa Moto Guzzi Rally
July 12-14, Elkader, IA

It's not all cornfields....

Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Rally
August 2-4, Belmont, WI

The Hyosung amongst the Guzzi's......where ARE the Guzzi's??

Minnesota Moto Guzzi Rally
August 16-18, Money Creek, MN
Every once in awhile this rally happens on the North Shore, edge of Lake Superior

CX500 outside of nearby Hokah

The Duc on the edge of Gitchi Gummi when we did the 'North' version...

Wildcat Rally
August 30-Sept 2, Westby, WI

On the back of her ST1100.....

Other possibilities, the Slimey Crud Run, first Sunday of May and October, a day event but we've sometimes made a weekend out of it.  I'm still thinking about a trip to Michigan and/or a trip to the Moto Guzzi National in Ontario but we'll have to see.


  1. I'm saving that photo of the bike on the dirt road with the Queen Anne's lace.

    I can't live without a landscape like that.

    1. Martha, it looks pretty nice here, that day it was a very easy place to stop and take a few steps back. The 'Lace is growing like crazy in our ditches now, wasn't always so, or at least not to this extent. It is now considered a "noxious weed".

  2. It's good to have a plan! I'll be paying attention and look forward to hearing all about it.

    1. Keith, nothing really earth shattering here. I've done and I think did all of these events last year; they still bear repeating. Five years ago I'd have told you that attending these rallies just wasn't "my thing". I guess it just shows to go you that there are surprises in places we may have thought we knew.

  3. A great list of ride/overnighters for this year. It is good to have plans. I, like Keith, will be looking forward to hearing about the trips.

    So far we've made no riding plans for the year. We never know what Hubby's Team Oregon schedule will be that far out, but with him having Fri-Sat-Sun off every week now maybe we'll get a few moto-trips on the agenda.

    We'll have to plan them then execute when the opportunity arrises.

    1. Brandy, it does strike me as a bit odd that I have these plans so far ahead when I think about it, but the events are fun, I look forward to them and though it may seem like they are much the same, the riding in each area is not. For most of them, it involves days off and I'd like it to be official that I've asked and been granted the time.

      Good luck to you an Brad on the planning and the execution.

  4. Wow that s quite the list! Looking foward to reading about your adventures!

    1. Dar,
      Welcome and thanks for tagging along!

      I've done all of these rallies the last couple of years, except for the AHRMA event in '11 due to a last minute adjustment. The rallies are just a bunch of fun; the people I've become friends with the best part of attending. All of the areas these events are held in offer great riding.

      I call it camping but in my mind it's more like tent sleeping. Depending on which event and how many people, the campfires don't always happen. Since most of the rally events include some meals, I seldom do any cooking; coffee, tea, juice, cold water are free all weekend and in that glorious state of WI at the Guzzi Rally, the beer trailer taps flow 24/7 with a night light to assist those with older, poorer eyes.

      It's still lots of fun though the very best over-nighting is heading off alone to do Camping. Hopefully the summer is long enough and Mrs. Coopdway continues to be as flexible as she's been in the past to let me sneak in some quickie overnight camps.

  5. Coop:

    you must be a good planner, to be able to slot all of these in and book time off already. One thing I like is all the people you meet along the way

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob,
      The planning part just sort of appears when the new calendars arrive. Rallies get penciled in, therefore they are :) I don't always make them, but really make the effort to take care of things so that I get to go.

      The people, ahh, the part that makes them so much fun. We all tend to be older, we aren't ALL male and we find lots of stuff that hasn't anything to do with riding, or motors, or motorcycles, or ?? to discuss. They are a very 'rich' group and I'm fortunate that they let me share their time, even when I stubbornly show up on the 'wrong' brands.