Friday, February 1, 2013

Fair and Equal Treatment....

Those Milwaukee folks need some attention to keep things balanced.  On top of that, no one in our family ever owned an Indian but rather Harley Davidson's.  Dad's first one was a mostly used up 1935.

Dad's letter to Milwaukee regarding his worn transmission......they didn't have parts in Milwaukee; dad needed to visit his local dealer.

Help with locating Service Manuals and local Wisconsin dealers that might provide assistance....

While attending Radio School in Kansas City after serving in the South Pacific, he picked up a used 1949 45cu. in. HD for $395.  Here's the ad....and note the comment above about riding smaller, more nimble machines.....wise counsel for us all.

Here are the shiny, brand new versions for '49

After finishing Radio School in K.C., dad came back north and started working for the local radio station in Red Wing, MN.  He also worked part time for the then-local HD dealer, Hilt Magnuson in his off-hours.

I don't know which machine this was for; his old '49 or the new '50 he'd soon own.  Either way, it wasn't quite perfect yet at 85mph.

The new 1950 HD 74 ......He put $700 down of the $900 purchase price and though given 6 months to finish the remaining $200, he did it in 2 months according to the attached receipts.  Mom wasn't yet Mrs. Coop at that point   :)

Dad and Gramp on the new '50.......


  1. Fantastic bit of family and H-D history!

  2. Thanks Erik. Over the years I've seen numerous photos and heard many, many stories but it all turns into a sort of point cloud. Gathering everything together in one spot makes a fun timeline, lending some order.

  3. This is amazing. Sadly lots of pics from my family have been lost during WW2. Hold on to your treasures.

    1. Sonja, Sorry to hear that you've lost those things. Our family has saved so much that it will take work to separate the wheat from the chaff. I've begun the process.

  4. Wow, that is just so cool to have all those original bits of information from back in the day.

    It is neat to have that window into your day and his love of motorcycles.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz, I'll have another Post coming soon about the generation before this one. Seems I've got my ancestors to blame for my affliction, yes??