Saturday, February 23, 2013

What I Need

Maybe 2?


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    1. Erik, we've done much better than normal this year. While I'd like to attribute that to my excellent alignment and placement of this year's version of our snowfences, it really had more to do with less wind while we've had snow.

      No drifting right now, though there was a hood-deep narrow in width drift the other day that needed busting through. Both the UPS driver and myself have just been blasting through it, then last night after yesterday's 7" I took care of it with the old Ford.

      This was at the Oakdale Fleet Farm today, quite an operation! While Peg and girls can't stop at Target without finding all sorts of other things to get, I have been known to have the same problem at Fleet Farm. Today's only purchase was some cat food and the intended case of Motorcycle Oil.

  2. I can see how handy one of those would be.

    1. Karen, I'd think that just having this equipment in the vicinity would foil any drifting intentions. There is that neighbor on one side though.......:)

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    1. Richard, we aren't the mountains and for the most part, those big blowers aren't part of MN's snow removal equipment. There is one highway we commute to the Twin Cities on that was never 'leveled-off'. It cuts right through the tops of hills with no real ditch and it fills in like our driveway can. This unit in the store's parking lot was tossing the snow like nothing I'd ever seen. I could almost put it in the next township down here.

    2. Every Spring, there is a bird refuge in town that clears several fields with snow blowers such as these. I'll try and get a picture of one but for now,

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    1. Not today Martha, it's lovely, calm and maybe a hazy 35. We've got melting, just not enough of it.

    2. That post you mentioned you were writing and not writing about small houses in Wisconsin or the Midwest...why not write it up now. I'd like to read your thoughts.

    3. Martha, I was working on a couple of other ones but I'll hit this one next, thanks for the push.

  5. coop:

    we are on the wet coast. I can't image why we would need a machine like that. We need canoes and row boats

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Bob, it would seem it's all about moisture doesn't it?? :)

    Maybe we should all consider ourselves blessed.