Monday, May 7, 2012

Slimey Crud Run May 2012

Well, I finally participated in a 'Crud Run worthy of the name.  We've done some frosty ones but I've not ridden in any as wet and stormy as this one was.  Our small group had a great time and though there weren't as many of us as had been planned or hoped for, we three made the most of the riding and time together.

I left early Saturday, the Hyosung GT250R had been loaded on the trailer the night before.  My goal was to be unloading in the Reedsburg motel parking lot around 9AM and I made it happen.  A bit of rain, more miles of misty rain with the last half of the trip dry though dark overcast.

A stop at '5 corners' southeast of Elroy......

Knowing that Jeff was coming down and planning a noon arrival, I had just enough time to go out for a 2 hour loop.  Our timing was perfect; both of us in town very close to noon; Jeff reading his map as I pulled into the parking lot.  After a long lunch at an outdoor sandwich stand, we headed south and east of town towards the Merrimac State Ferry.  Using some back roads, we entered and rode through the public sections of Devils Lake State Park and then on through Merrimac to the ferry.

Only a short wait......

After we left the ferry on the south side of the river, the cars in the distance waiting for the northbound crossing.

From there it was back to Reedsburg via a preview of Leland so that we could help Mike get his Triton unloaded.

Mighty is Mike's co-pilot.....

The 750 Triumph-powered Norton started and ran flawlessly all weekend.  There may or may not have been a spot of oil left behind; it wasn't my day to watch for any.  We rode down to Rock Spring for dinner, getting back to Reedsburg just as the first drops of the afternoon were falling.

With some rain in the evening and then clearing skies as sunset, we were hopeful that the forecast for Sunday had been changed........... It wasn't and they were right.  Sunday dawned dark and wet.  After some Continental Coffee and a banana, some heavy re-evaluating was taking place.  Our plan was to ride down to the Picadilly Lilly Diner at the Lone Rock airport for a Substantial Breakfast (it was) though we weren't all that sure it was the best use of our time and so-far clean bikes.  It was decided ( I remember it as a group decision) to follow through, take the back way down to Lone Rock and then over hot coffee and pancakes the size of the airport itself, another re-evaluation session took place.  It rained almost constantly over the roughly 40 mile ride on Named roads and of course, fell into a downpour as we started climbing up over the last ridge of hills before descending down into the Wisconsin River sand flats using the very steep and twisty Dane Hill Road.

Part of our re-evaluation session when even less was being was warm and dry in there.

After breakfast, gas in Lone Rock......I parked at the edge of the parking lake.

And on to Pine Bluff.......I'd challenge both Mike and Jeff to backtrack on our Route over :)

It was the smallest crowd that I've personally witnessed at a 'Crud Run, though the bikes kept coming.  I believe we arrived around 10:30.

The crowd knew beauty when they saw it.....

See you in Leland John.....

Through Sauk City, west and north on County PF......police presence and protection was prolific on the way  up and in Leland itself.

Mike and Jeff heading back up to Reedsburg, I stuck around for a bit longer, then did some more riding before doing the same.

Outside of Bunker Hill...

Cowboys around the Chuck Wagon at the Dave Hough Cattle Company.....

And finally, the Hyo after the weekend, home and still very dirty.....


  1. Thanks for the Slimey Crud report Doug! I noticed some other familiar bikes in the background of your pictures. Good to know that the Hard Corps won't be stopped by a bit of weather.

    Kevin P

    1. Hey Kevin, RK and NG were the only ones from up here that I knew; others all from points east and south.