Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good and Productive Weekend

Saturday started early, the To-Be-Sold Honda had been loaded on the trailer Friday evening, so the 6AM cold rain and sleet really didn't really bother me; it's a good thing I hadn't planned on riding up to Mpls for coffee.  With many of the guys attending other events, turnout in the back room was low but we managed well enough regardless.

From there it was up to Stacy with the '76 XL350 on the trailer, the rain at times rather heavy but by the arranged meeting time, the rain had stopped.  The transaction was complete, time with some friends, one old and one new, was spent and it was back to the Twin Cities to pick up another bike, this time my brother's old (and first) bike, a '70 Honda SL100.

The little Honda has been in the family since 1970 and at least for the time being, will stay.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, our 'herd' of deer anxious to be out browsing and enjoying the warming sun.

Heading into Red Wing to pick up some lumber for the Raised Beds that I had promised Peg meant that I had to stop at the Rental store to pick up a Sod Cutter as well.  The Cutter rented, the lumber and extra top soil on the trailer, it was back home and time to get some work done.

With one Raised Bed already built a couple of years ago, two more had been requested as Mother's Day/Birthday gifts for Peg.  In years past, our gardens have ranged from a few tomatoes to almost an entire acre if you count the vine plants and sweet corn.  The last couple of years saw our smallest gardens ever, with even less produce growing that when we had our small city lot in St. Paul.

This area had once been a big part of our garden, then it wasn't, now it is ........again ;)

With the sod removed and the frames built, I cut the edges down to fit the sideboards.  Tomorrow evening I'll finish by digging the boards in a bit deeper, turning over the existing soil inside and adding topsoil to bring the level up within a few inches of the top of the boards.

Though they didn't help with the shoveling or even get dirty, I'd like to extend many thanks to Mr. E. Vedder, Ella, Mr. Lightfoot, Eva Cassidy and Claude Debussy for their much appreciated help today.

Happy Birthday Peg and a great Mother's Day!!

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  1. Nice SL-100. Back when I was young and in the old neighborhood there were 3 of us with little hondas. I had a 71 SL-70, there was a neighbor with an SL-100 just like that one, and another neighbor with a CT-90. We had a blast on them riding around the gravel pit at the end of the block. Just seeing that green bike brings back great memories. Thanks for posting that picture