Sunday, March 11, 2012

The TranZalp is back on top....

TranZalp (my slightly altered '83 Honda VT500F Ascot) suffered electrical switch problems last August, long before the end of MY riding season, but marking the end of '11's season for the Honda.  First it was the dim/highbeam switch that started shorting out, then things moved over to the right side and the starter button literally fell apart.  Luckily, I made it home from the rally I was attending before it finally disintegrated.

With a used, online replacement for the left side, the horn/light switch was taken care of over the winter.  Finding a used switch for the right side proved more difficult, so I bought a much easier to find Shadow part.  Other than having to remove a small locating tab that serves to position and constrain rotation, it was an easy and fast replacement.  The wiring connector plugs were identical, something my limited but successful study of the wiring diagrams promised.  The new grip isn't OEM and doesn't look the same but functions just fine.  So we're back in business.

With today's weather being every bit as nice if not nicer than yesterday's, it was impossible not to go for another nice loop on a nice March Sunday.  Since I started riding too late in the day yesterday before closing, today I had just enough time to get down to Alma for lunch at Pier 4.  Having just opened for the season, I was willing to break my normal pattern of breakfast for a great lunch visit instead.

I was almost the last customer before closing time.....

Once inside, I was saddened and very sorry to hear that Paul had suffered a serious health issue this past week.  Marietta's lunch, The Special, was fantastic as always, but it sure would have been nice to see Paul's smiling face through the kitchen door.  Rest well and heal quickly Paul!  I'm counting on a #4 at my next visit.

For my friends from warmer climes, this is 65 degree ice fishing on some still present Mississippi River backwater ice, how thick I don't know; there were a dozen people fishing out there.

Having only recently learned about the Castlerock Museum, it was a point of discussion at one of our Coffee's.  The museum has a great collection of armor, swords, etc., things of interest to at least a few of the guys that show up at Diamond's Coffee Shoppe.  Though none of us had been there, Tom happened to know or at least, know of, the proprietor.  A visit by the group is in our future plans.

Open Friday and Saturday.....

Out of Alma, up on the hill and then down through and out of various valleys.  My hunch about the condition of Arneson Dugway was correct;  winter still has a grip on this north facing road that drops steeply down into the valley beyond.

The Waumandee Valley in the distance.....

Yesterday's rides of 4, 35 and 80 miles were followed by today's ride of 125 miles.  This is exactly the way 2012's rides should be trending.

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