Saturday, March 10, 2012

Riding.....March Minnesota.....

And it was NICE!!!!

Started the day early with a visit to Diamond's for coffee, usual cast of characters there.  Everyone was mostly still inside when I left but my guess is that it didn't take long before many moved out onto the sidewalk to enjoy their brews.  It was great to see Nick and Taylor there, hope they can return on their rides now that the season is starting.

Mid-60's, lovely sun, it was unbelievably nice today.  Only recently have most of the machines in the garage been made ready for the new riding season, the Helix is up on the lift right now with only minor maintenance needed.

So, I started the riding today with the TW200, making a very nice 35 mile loop.  The winds were very strong, especially up on top, out of the valleys and the Yamaha struggled with highway speeds when aimed directly into the wind.  Adapting to conditions (wasn't the first time), the bike was aimed into the wind on the county roads, then the return loop followed the big highway.

Putting that one away, stuck the new magnetic Nelson Rigg tankbag on the Hyosung GT250R, heading south along the river.  Stopped in Nelson for a Rum Cherry cone, then went around the Lake Pepin Loop counterclockwise, seeing more than a few riders out, mostly HD's.  The tankbag worked well and is definitely a keeper.  The nicest 80 mile, March 10th ride I've ever taken.

Noticing overflowing carb trouble last fall with the little '62 Honda Trail 55, it was disassembled a few weeks ago and the float was full of gas.  A new one was ordered online from Thailand and when I returned from the Pepin Loop, the USPS had delivered my package with the cool, elephant stamp.  Making quick work of putting things back together and a few kicks brought the little red bike back to non-leaking life.  4 big miles, some of it even in 3rd gear at a wound-out 20MPH.  I had forgotten how truly low geared 1st is with the big 72 tooth sprocket.

So, 4 miles on the Honda, 35 miles on the Yamaha and 80 on the Hyo........a very nice March day.  It's going to be a very good riding year!


  1. It was a great day up here in Cable too. I didn't get to go for a ride, my driveway is still too icy. The 3/4 mile road out to the main county road is still icy too. If we get a few more days of near 60 degrees, I'll be able to get the bikes out. I can't wait.


  2. I wasn't even going to go out, should have been working on some other projects but it was just too nice. Heard it was 55 up in Intl. Falls even! We've got, or had, snow yet on the north-facing slopes, imagine you've got a bunch yet in the woods.