Thursday, June 1, 2023

New Chicks - 2023/06/01

The text came this morning from the Red Wing Post Office..."your chicks are here..."  So Peg hustled in to town and we had 6 of today's 9 arrivals almost before breakfast time.

3 (more) Buff Orpingtons

3 Austral Orpingtons

Later, Peg drove to the local Specialty Chicken Shop for 3 more chickens....

1 Lavender Orpington

2 Light Brahma

We will keep these chicks separated, away from our mature birds to prevent problems until they are grown.

The garden is growing even without any significant rainfall.  These images, starting at the chicken coop are from west to east.

The Himalayan is loaded and pointed out the door, we'll be leaving early tomorrow morning for the Hiawatha BMW Rally.

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