Wednesday, June 28, 2023

MN Moto Guzzi Rally - 2023/06/23

Our annual MN Guzzi Rally has been happening in the Grand Marais City Campground now for a number of years, a beautiful area. Actually not as many paved roads but enough with an abundance of wild, green and blue scenery. A popular tourist destination even in winter but it is predominantly a cooling summer target especially for folks from regions more southern, most anxious to find beauty and more temperate weather. 

We had a great time, even with some cool, windy rain, our turnout about average over these last seasons. This video is my take on the event and highlights some of my favorite ways to enjoy our rallies, certainly this one that occurs not far from the Canadian border. I've used photos, short and long video and some aerial shots to tell the story, my way.

In a couple of weeks many of us will gather for the Iowa version, historical trips to both the MN and IA are searchable on my Blog.

MN Guzzi Rally 2023


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