Saturday, April 29, 2023

Fine Day, Fine Ride - 2023/04/28

The very best part of the day??

A riding lunch with friends.

Eric's idea, I thought I was the only one invited but I was not at all disappointed to be wrong...Greg and Steve joined us in Plum City to make four of us.

Sand in most corners, sometimes deeper....

Spring green's and many shades of lingering browns...

It would have been ideal to take the long way home but my hope was to get there before the that I could roto-till our potato patch.  But I wasn't in too big of hurry to avoid an ice cream stop in Nelson.

The Twin Bluffs across the street from the Nelson Cheese Factory.

I passed through Wabasha, took County 10 to parallel Hwy 61, something I often do.   It wasn't looking good for garden work before the rain.

Just as I was entering Lake City, the windy rain started.  It actually felt good, my first riding drops in the new riding season.