Saturday, April 15, 2023

Finally...My Season Has Begun - 2023/04/14

During the past week, almost all of the running machines have started, a few out the driveway and a couple of them completed honest to goodness rides.  The old '96 KLR needs a battery, there just weren't enough electrons to run.  After a record-setting late "First 50 degree of the year" we were lucky enough to experience two days of upper 80's....we had a 92.  Now, not so much and we're back to those 50's were waiting for, some below freezing nights and snow showers.  It's what we get.

But while the 'Nice' was here...


Yesterday I met my brother for a late breakfast in River Falls and then we headed out for a nice loop.

We stopped at the Eau Galle Dam just outside of Spring Valley and got caught up on a few more things we missed at breakfast.  

Not long after we swapped bikes.  Kev led with my Himalayan "....follow the purple GPS Route..." and I was lucky enough to spend the next 60 miles on his Pan Am.  I have to say that I'm very impressed with his Harley; it's a traveling machine for sure, something I would be delighted traveling most anywhere on.

Once the new snow melts, hopefully the other ones will see some road time pronto.

There's a new member of the family, as of yet unnamed.  Something for us to do until riding commences.

More soon, he's already a Coop.


  1. Replies
    1. Bless you! I was wondering about th.....ohhhh.

    2. "...Hungary's majestic guardian of flocks and companion of kings." Wow. Well done...uh, Your Highness.

    3. Chickens are King, I'm part of a small flock

  2. Sandor: (Hungarian) helper and defender of mankind.

    1. It appears we've settled upon Arthur.

    2. Well anyway, he carried a big sword, should be okay. Either way, a noble beast-to-be.

    3. It might already be going to his head. Honestly, he's doing very well, adapting to his new Kingdom.