Monday, March 27, 2023

Did Some Travelin' - 2023/03/23 - 27

I was on some 'roads but not all were paved, some of the wheels not even clad in rubber.


Virgelle, MT the site of a seasonal ferry crossing.


Black Eagle Falls, the last of 7 that the Corps of Discovery needed to portage, an 18 mile bypass.

Decision Point....Lewis & Clark paused here...which one is the Missouri River?  The Missouri swings south, the Marias is the milky one coming in from the north and originating just outside of Glacier National Park.


Fresno Reservoir, the Milk River also originating just outside of Glacier National Park.  After a very winding path, it also dumps into the Missouri.

Last night in Minot, ND....

Just a sample here, a lot more video and images to share from the trip...might take a week.  I really had fun, it was a grand idea, the execution couldn't have been better.  My Roomette, the meals and the time rolling along nothing but enjoyable.  Thanks to the Amtrak staff for making the trip easy, relaxing and safe.  

So nice to share meals and conversations with all of you....Mary, Anne, Lee, Andy, Tom, Mark, Albert and Louise....I was lucky to meet and share our mutual traveling tales.

More soon!


  1. Looks like really nice accommodations .... Look'n forward to more details...

    1. I was comfortable...and have a lot to share. Thanks Mike

  2. Glad you had a good trip on the train, my experience with Amtrak was not so good but that was also years ago when the kids were little. Mainly it was the surly staff in the dining car.

    1. My last time on a train was from London to Holyhead...was really looking forward to this one and it could not have gone better. Sorry your experience was less than ideal...maybe they've been paying attention to Customer Feedback.

      Now that I know a few in's and out's, this one might be my last.

      P.S. Welcome back to the USA!

  3. Looks like a lovely trip. Bro and I have been talking about doing a train trip together. That 4th photo of the snowy tracks is amazing.

    1. I really had a good time, all of it. Planned a few months ago it went as I'd hoped. The train itself a relaxing and new adventure, a nice mix of some history that I had rudimentary knowledge of anyway and now know much better and finally Russell's paintings that I knew by name only.

      Plus an easy way to once again be West, always good.

      You guys should go...I met a surprising number of 'professional' train travelers. Tales of Europe, Australia, the UK plus some seasoned US folks with many Routes ridden other than just the Empire Builder.

      Thanks for your comment!