Friday, November 11, 2022

Minnesota Orchestra Open Rehearsal - 2022/11/04

First and foremost, warm and sincere thanks to all of your veterans for your Service!  I'm lucky enough to know more than a few of you.  In fact, a few Veterans were part of this special day.

I'm a small (220#) donor to the Minnesota Orchestra and as such, I was given the chance to attend an Open Rehearsal last Friday and, to bring a friend.  Well, I brought 5, two more friends had to cancel at the last minute or we'd have been 7.  This day rehearsal thing was something I had never done before, hadn't even realized that such things occurred.

We met at the Hall, doors were opened at 9:30, the rehearsal began at 10 and lasted until 12:30, the rehearsed music would be performed that Friday evening in live concert (simulcast too).  We had an intermission, cookies and coffee served in the lobby.

Our plan after music was to enjoy lunch across the Plaza at Brit's Cafe and that's just what we did, my Bangers and Mash was especially good.

I was early so took advantage of some exercise in the Minneapolis Skyways....

11th Street.....

Minneapolis Convention Center.....

Chain of Lakes....

After Intermission...

Colleen and Mike in front of Brit's....thanks Tom, nicely done.

Waiting for my Banger's and Richard and Hanna are discussing custom ear plugs.  We covered a lot, learned a lot... we heard and discussed great music, even in stops and starts, doing so with good friends.

Thanks all for making a music rehearsal special, hopefully next time Steve will be able to stay for lunch.

Trust me, this video is the better and certainly more complete story!



  1. I learned a new violin is soulless....

    1. They need life!! I knew but was surprised by how much time that it truly takes.