Saturday, April 9, 2022

Plans - 2022/04/09

We're told that plans are meant to be broken.  In fact I see online that there seems to be many 'takes' on plans.  Efficiency, inflexibility, the spectrum appears wide.  I make plans to provide a vector, something to prevent me from spinning in circles.

Here was my plan....


Bluff Creek C of E Campground

A week of riding/visiting Ben on Ft. Benning was planned for AND very ready to execute.  Reservations made a few months ago, the Classic 500 Stealth on the trailer, the trip would start in a week on Thursday the 7th after work.

But plans change.... I spent last Saturday morning not in Mpls at Diamonds.  Instead, I saw the Good Doctor in the E.R.  Prescribed a couple of oral antibiotics I went home and spent the weekend with my leg elevated.

Monday morning and improvement had been negative.  Back to the E.R., later moved to my very own room!

It was a room with a view!

I have other photos from in my room, they shall not be shared.  This is the photo from Wednesday afternoon when my cellulitis was on the mend and I was released.

And this is happy Doug ready to drive home that Wednesday afternoon.

The oral antibiotics weren't up to my task, I.V. work was required.  Finally my blood was clear and white count back where it belonged.  To cap the event off, a week of a different oral antibiotic, rest and patience for the redness to go down.

Back to my Georgia trip, the plan was to get as far as the Illinois Welcome Center Thursday evening, a blitz down I-90 and then a rest in my van.  A major highlight of my trip was to take advantage of my proximity to a couple of friends in Byron, Illinois.  I offered to treat them to breakfast Friday morning.  Enjoy our eggs and coffee together and then I'd jump back on I-39 and head south to the Alabama Welcome Center and repeat another van-sleep before moving to my reserved camp spot Saturday and Bluff Creek.

The (adaptive) plan started simmering while lying in the hospital bed......"what if I follow through with my Thursday/Friday plan, join the guys for breakfast and then instead of going south, return home later on Friday?"

So that's what I did.

I took the Cut-A-Cross Rd into Westby....right next to the Winery and looking east into town, snowy rain.

A stop at Borgen's for lunch...

On to Madison and a stop at Englehart's, possibly the largest Sporting Goods store I've ever been to.

From Madison I took the back way into Beloit and made an early stop at my reserved room so that I could get off my feet and elevate my leg again.

Friday morning I made the longer, slower route to Byron avoiding I-39 (and toll) and stopped at the Sunrise II diner at the downtown crossroads.  Tim and I arrived early so we had a great chance to chat before Dave arrived.  Company, discussion and a chance to spend time with the guys was a treasure.  The breakfast that I was going to host was instead covered by Tim, that and my breakfast burrito were wonderful.  Thanks guys, so good to see you 'before season'.  The plan is to make contact long before our mutual rally event can happen.

Since I've never been across (only down through) the top of Illinois, I decided to work my way over to the river and go home that way.  US 20 would have worked but I tried something better until I was closer to Galena.  Across the river into Dubuque and then up tried and true roads on my way home.  Balltown and C9-Y were considered and then decided against.

However, I did not miss Guttenberg.  Naturally the assumption was that I'd enjoy a cone at Joe's but that did not happen.  I did sit on the bench with my leg up and watched an extra full Mississippi River flow by.  A nice fresh breeze was coming down across the dam.

You know better than to wonder about whether or not I stopped in New Albin.

The MOST exciting news of the trip, now we have Sunday access to nummies!!

I was prudent, kept myself to a pound and a half of each pork jerky and turkey jerky.

Home about 6:30 Friday afternoon, a very enjoyable breakfast loop to spend time with friends.  I've been to Door County for coffee, Dubuque the same....both of those on the Helix.  This excursion had to happen in a '12 Fusion.


A few things around the home front lately....we still have deer.

When Lauren mentioned that some 'Kraut sounded good, we got into action.  I sliced, Peg filled crocks.  We have Curtido, Lemon-Dill and the old standby, Caraway.

My quilt is done and it's seen me beneath many hours already.  I still think it's beautiful!

Peg's been trying to finish them all before riding garden season begins.  It's hard for both Peg and I to not think of Grandma Bee when we see these.

The chickens??  Glad you asked, they're doing well.

The casual observer may be quite confident about who's in charge with our chicken situation.....that is unless they spend more time here around the estate.

 Safe early Spring riding to my friends that do, all of you stay safe and well!



I've had time with my legs up and have been busy with paper books.  Just finished this and meant to include, hopefully this is the only thing I forgot this time.  I have 7 or 8 Perry books, this was likely the 4th or 5th time through this one.  If you haven't.....



  1. Hope you are doing well my friend. I took a ride today. Temps in the low 40's. I wasn't ready. I had the gear. My head was still in our Florida vacation three weeks ago.

    1. Hey Scott, great to hear from you and yes thanks, doing well. I've done so much riding in 40 and above but this Spring I've gone soft. My old adage was, "above 40 tolerable, above 50 fun". This Spring I'm apparently waiting for Fun and we're not quite there.

      Be safe when you get out!

  2. It appears you're having adventures, just not the kind we want to have. I hope the IV antibiotics have pushed the infection away.

    Did you buy yourself a Continental GT or an Interceptor? All those bikes look tempting!

    1. Adventure of a different sort, a good way to look at things. Seems the infection is going away but it's painfully slow. Thanks Steve.

      As Mike says, I'm trying to be Adult and avoid the excellent 650's. Both of them are right up my alley but....I'm so fond of my Breva 750. There's a lot right and nothing wrong with the new RE's but there's a great deal right with my old tried and true Guzzi. For now, no changes.

  3. Glad you are up and around again... Hope the antibiotics keep the infection away. You know what they say: the best laid mice of plans and men... And no I didn't make a mistake.

    1. Thanks Dom. It's back to the doctor for a follow-up tomorrow, what would have been a fine afternoon for a ride. We'll see if I can't mix bad and good.

  4. Good to hear yer on the road to recovery and will be on the road heathier. As a 650 Interceptor owner and as much as I enjoy it... I'll remind ya what you told me if you sold it. The quilt work is very impressive and I luv the chicken. The feathered " herd " is looking good. :)

    1. Thanks Mike, feeling better but it's slower than I'd sign up for. For the rest of you, I gave Mike permission to give me a good cuffing if I ever decided to sell the Guzzi....he's keeping me honest.

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery (and a speedy arrival of spring and warmer temps). Take care!

    1. Thanks Sonja, I'm confident that Spring and warmer weather will be instrumental in the healing process.

      Good hiking!!