Monday, March 21, 2022

What We Have Been Waiting For - 2022/03/21

You haven't been??  Your first ride of 2022??

It was mine and I got out.

 87 miles, a wonderful last half of March riding day!

County 5...

Leaving Minnesota....

Entering Wisconsin...

Merging onto Wisconsin 35....

Lunch stop in Esdaile....

Everyone was out...

I chose blacktop all day, the biggest reason that I crossed the river to enjoy our neighboring State.  But there's sand on those roads, valleys and north-facing slopes especially.

Have a care!

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

Told ya.....we've been waiting!

A big group....20 or more

Someone mentioned pie....I'm always open to suggestions!

A very fine and rewarding first exploration of the new year.

The Motion Pictures are here.



  1. Was down in that neck of the woods that weekend. The two wheelers out and about. Wonderful sunny day :)

  2. It's going to be months before I get my first ride in…

    1. On your next loop you'll have to bring something along.