Friday, February 25, 2022

Snowplowing...last one? - 2022/02/25

Wednesday morning in the dark, 5am ...... so that I could get to work.

Friday morning in the sunny-bright light!


A nice day in the country.

The action shots here....


  1. At least the sun was shining...

    Snow and ice here this morning darkened my riding spirit. Some time with the snow blower and a shovel cleared the driveway as it moved toward slush. By mid afternoon the sun was out and the wind had almost dried the pavement.

    But I am so tired of it all. Everywhere I turn its just bad news.

  2. I'm trying to be patient....I want to ride but the long list of winter projects isn't completed yet. Lucky in that I've found a balance, things will be OK, my sun and warm are not ever very far away.

  3. You're so lucky. You got to play with toy tractors as a kid, and now the real thing.
    How did you get the absolutely stationary overhead shots?

    1. The drone does an amazing job of just hovering, even if there's a slight breeze. Now with longer flight times, it's easier to send it up and hover while I do what I'm a gonna do.

      I had done two shots like that last weekend out on the lake and then discovered that Record had not been pushed. I could say that I lost the video but that wouldn't be right...I never had it.