Sunday, February 13, 2022

Another look back at the MN Iron Range - 2022/02/12

Some un-Posted highlights from last summer's Minnesota Iron Range vacation though there may be a couple of repeats....I'm not going to confirm that each and every one of these is a first-timer.

An implement dealer just outside of Hibbing....

 Implement dealer in our neighborhood....

Mountain Iron.....

My campsite at Whiteface Reservoir....42 degrees outside at wakeup time, 50 degrees in the cozy minivan.

Meeting Mark in Two Harbors...

More turtles soon....

Anyone remember Tripods??

Some rail lines abandoned...


Taconite pellets, spilled from passing trains.....

Many rail lines leading from the various mines in the region to the ports on Lake Superior.

A medical emergency here, an ambulance came and took the driver away.

Ending up in Grand Marais for the Minnesota Moto Guzzi Rally.

And.....some odds and ends here.


  1. Tripods. You the man! It will be interesting to see if you get more comments on that show. I missed the last episodes, and conclusion. In this day and age, I should search it out; I'd re-watch it.
    So nice to see pictures from a warm, green season at this time of year.

    1. You saw it too?? I smiled to myself when I saw the water tower appear and could think of only one thing. We watched every episode with the kids, enjoyed it far beyond its content. We'd gather around the popcorn and watch it too.

      We just took another few boxes of books to the library and guess what a few of them were?

      I purposely held off some of trip pictures last season to sprinkle cold and white with warm and green.

  2. Now have to go search for Tripods..... Movie or TV show? And for definition of Taconite!

    1. Did you find both? I believe the Tripods Brit TV show we watched was based on the books. Old style Doctor Who-style science fiction I guess I'll call it. We'd all watch them again and hope that they could be as fun as the first time.

      Peg's family was very involved on the 'Range with one of the last pure iron ore mines in the area.

  3. My kind of travel, just the bare necessities (and a bike). I love the simple life of camping.

    I am surprised when looking at the European (and among this German) ancestry.

    PS: Not commenting regularly doesn't mean I am not following ;-)

    Cheers from the Heidelberg area, SonjaM

    1. Hey Sonja, thanks for the Comments! Like you, the minimal requirements are a wonderful part of the camping and being away experience. I can do it to some degree in the car but I continue to find more joy and excitement in being able to pull it off on the bike or even better with All of it on my back.

      I'm making plans. ;)

      You already knew that mom's side was from the Black Forest area, I'm seeing Prussia in mentions of both of her 'sides'. I'm working on a project, hopefully announced here before I get too much older that dwells on the settlement of our area by older generations of your close neighbors. I promise to keep you posted.

      I've noticed some German visits, I'm gratified that some of those may be you. Thank you.