Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Our First Real Snow - 2021/12/07

The snow is light but steady this morning.  I went out to let the chickens out and for the first time since they've been in their coop, they refused to go outside.  Normally they dash outside, ready for a chicken snack before heading off to explore the estate.

Not today.....this is NOT what they signed up for after leaving Missouri.

This is how they prefer to spend their days.....I didn't see them anywhere and had to thus go exploring.

A lot has been going on, we aren't Just Chickens.  I was out in what we call the Tree Field, formerly an acre of cropland that we 'converted' to a bunch of soft maples (weeds in mom and dad's garden) not long after we moved to the farm.  These limbs fall with just the slightest breeze, many of them never make the ground, still leaning against their host.  

Here I'm harvesting short lengths to burn in my camping stoves....

 Their eventual target....

To see more of how this happens and an example of where.....

Not everything has been happening outside.  Lots of shop time, working on Christmas presents and general long overdue tidying up.  Sawdust, very little grease and oil, nary a motorcycle touched.  Speaking of little grease and oil, Peg's spiffy laptop needed a new battery and I was immediately available.

Look at this spiffy tool kit that came with the battery.

I've joined the Goodhue County Historical Society and spent one quick afternoon there but plan to spend a lot more time there this winter for an endeavor that I'm working on....known in some circles as Doug's Secret Project.  Nothing more will be divulged at the present time.

An example of the many treasures located there.....this 1877 plat book page of our neighborhood.

Not everything's been pleasantly rural.  Hanna was able to obtain some Comp tickets for the Minnesota Orchestra's presentation of Toy Story in Minneapolis.  Peg was down in Georgia over Thanksgiving which meant that I had 3 tickets to share so I did.

From one of Minneapolis' Skyways, my 3 friends on the sidewalk yonder ready to enter Orchestra Hall and meet me on Sunday afternoon.

This is a lot of fun and truly eye opening to those of us that watch movies and don't listen.  I believe that I counted only a few minutes when music wasn't accompanying the antics on the screen.

After the concert we walked across the street to Brit's Pub for some English fare.  Molly's Sunday Roast looked just as good as my Shepherd's Pie tasted, possibly even a bit more.

This character was nicely bright in Peavey Plaza as we left.

Hopefully there will be more music, more picnics with some motorcycle time soon!

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