Friday, January 3, 2020

March 6, 2005 - A Lovely Spring Day

Those were the days....

More sorting, more discoveries of things that we WILL get sorted in our dotage.  Some images only recently collected and edited into a video.


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    1. I promised myself that we'd have a boat before a tractor when we moved to the farm since we're so close to the river......:)

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    1. Richard, ask Ben!! He was asked about it yesterday long after the fact and oddly enough, he can still recall The Feeling.

  3. Wow....15 years ago....back when we had dark hair!
    It could be said that that's funny but sad, or, that's sad but funny!

    1. That's funny, you saw it too...When I first came upon the old photos, I thought one of the kids must have got into photoshoppe, messin' with the old man.