Saturday, December 7, 2019

Needed More Pie - 2019

Mike's been after me....."How's the Pie Chart coming?...."

Here it is but first, it needed some beefing up so this afternoon I took the rig out to enjoy what seems to be the last, best, possible riding for 2019.  Predicted temperatures and pending doom-ful snow is on the way so I figured I better get out while I still could!

It seems both scooters were slighted this year....didn't mean for that to happen.  I was getting a bit cautious about the belt/rollers in the Helix through the summer so that's the reason it was absolutely last in the Mileage Ridden category.  Luckily it didn't suffer this year as part of Mileage Rescued which is the indignity suffered by 2019's high mileage winner, the Himalayan.  Between chain issues (yes Tom, there were 2 individuals) and deep water challenges, bikes hauled to their origins, tales between legs were at an all time high.  Sad because total 2019 mileage was down, though I'm not disappointed in the least; it was a great year for riding and I'm confident that what I lost in quantity I truly did compensate for in High Quality.

 Naturally I'll shoot for more of both next year.

 My Black Hills Post is just about ready and will be published soon!


  1. Great blog.. loved the video... made me want to go out to the farm (Afton) and fire up my sidecar. Yes !.. key word there.. is " want ". Not gonna happen... I'll just watch this video. :)

    1. It felt great to be out and for the distance and speed, I was quite comfortable. Still looking forward to some more snow/ice riding!

  2. Isn't it great to cruise on snow without worrying about the tires sliding out from under you? :) I might do a pie chart as well for the motorcycle mileages this year....sad as the totals will be.

    1. Dom, I can't even imagine...well yes I can...being on two wheels. A few years ago I took the TW out in our pasture in the snow. One small, small as in micro ridge and I was down so fast I didn't know what hit me.

      No more of that!

      I'm envious of your high desert time, boondocking AND riding.