Sunday, December 9, 2018

On This Day .....And A Pie Revision

As crazy and as frustrating as the Big G can be at times, especially with their Photos, I've been getting a kick out of their Look Back In Time reminders in Photos.  This photo was how our world looked on December 9, 2012.

Not so today, December 9, 2018 as you'll see below.

This week my sprocket arrived for the Himalaya, cleared Customs to arrive in Minnesota.

The old one with honest to goodness Wisconsin soil still present ....

Way back in late summer, I was made aware (thanks Peg) that the Good Lovelies would be performing at the Sheldon, numerous tickets were bought for family and a shout out to many friends to join us for some fine music.  Mark and Erin decided that a nicely sized group of us should enjoy dinner across the street at the St. James Hotel.  We did, it was, the food outstanding in the elegant Port Dining Room.  I had to try the Osso Buco, Peg went with the scallops.  I saw some very tasty looking mussels around our big table as well.

Here's a corner of the evening menu....

Plenty of time for good fellowship and a glass of wine, then we all walked across the street where we met the rest of our family, in the lobby of the St. James.  The women and their band were as and sounded as lovely as ever; they have fun, we have fun.  They started their holiday tour in Kingston, ONT (Karen?) and will soon be in far northwestern Whitehorse.

Yesterday it was up to Diamond's for coffee and a bit of shopping on the way home.  I spent the afternoon in the garage working with the bikes and threatened a ride Sunday afternoon.

The Sunday afternoon ride did in fact occur and it felt great to be out and on a machine.

2 eagles in the tree right at the end of this one .....

From atop Point No Point, looking downriver to Lake City.

There always seems to be at least one Subaru in the parking there were two. :)

Through the campground loops....

One of our neighbors and his daughter out for some exploring along the edge.

The Deputy and I had a nice talk and then the hikers came up to say hello.

I'll be back when it's thicker than 3" would/could be fun right now though!

There have been some rescues, some sinkings.... hopefully no more of that.  You can see the area off the point; a shallower area where the river flows faster.

In the quiet, lovely Frontenac Cemetery.....

A very nice day and more days before Christmas with highs right around 30....we'll take it.

Richard predicted it and he was right....the Pie needed amending.  Rather than the sidecar rig being behind the VStar by only one mile, it has shot ahead by 11.  If only I'd have put one more mile on for the year....some relatively mild weather predicted between now and Christmas. :)


  1. Dinner was nice.. but the Old Town Inn, Westby, Wis., does filet mignon better... The Good Lovelies was well worth the evening. They seemed to be genuinely enjoy preforming.
    How well does the sidecar preform with all that global warming..? Much sliding..? I'll assume with FI it starts well.

    1. There was some slickery though manageable. It really should have studs like Richard uses. Yes, 3 bikes were fired up Saturday afternoon in the 30 degree garage. Each one popped right off.

  2. With your moderate temperatures, the sidecar rig could make a run for 2nd place. If only it was a bit faster…

    1. That would take a lot of moderate but we might get a nice head start for '19.

  3. I had put some rather unspectacular 300 miles on the clock of my Harley, and keep pondering about selling it. Good on you to keep them all rolling.

    1. Nothing wrong with 300 Sonja....I have it on good authority that you two are not sitting at home watching grass grow. As long as I'm able, some wheels will roll.

  4. Thought you were going to revise eating pie.

    1. Michael, no way is this thread going foodie...only a morsel now and then.