Saturday, December 15, 2018

Almost Ready For Santa

Friend Tom sent this one....

...with original artwork inside.  I'm lucky to have friends with a full spectrum of talents.

I put my Christmas Card processing off each year and don't get after it as quickly as I once did....this weekend it was time.  1/3 of them on Friday morning, the next 20 in the evening and the last 20 or so this evening.  This stack dropped off this morning on the way home from coffee at Diamond's.  For those of you not on the Naughty List, they should be arriving soon.


According to tradition, Christmas Tree hunting begins (or includes) a stop at King's Place in Miesville, even if it happens to be out of the way, of which it was this year.  I had the Umpire Burger this year, a break from my traditional Bleu Burger.  The horseradish had my sinuses draining into my boots....but I'd do it again.

We decided to try a new place this year.....Mark's Christmas Trees in rural Red Wing.  Circled is where our tree grew up.....

We got it home and I trimmed the lower branches off so that it would fit in our stand.  It was so nice out, I had to take a break on the garage porch swing for a bit of respite, coming very close to dozing.  The low southern sun comes in nicely under the overhang.

Where it will spend the rest of its days....decoration begun and complete once Ben gets home.

After the last of the Christmas Cards were written out last night, Peg suggested a film that she knew I'd like.  Peg of course was correct, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was very much enjoyed, the scenery fantastic and had me looking up the Channel Islands because I just needed to know.....and had forgotten where in The Channel they were.

This morning, off to Diamond's early for another rousing session of coffee, a muffin and more great discussion and dialogue.  We actually did manage to solve some problems and were sure to leave at least a few for next week's gathering.

On the way home, I was in the mood to stop at Duff's.....

I sampled (a stick and a half) the Smokey Beef while on the move before presenting this group at home to the rest of the family.  Since we're speaking of food, you should know that sauerkraut production is in full swing in our kitchen; 3 batches, 3 flavors, one of these has way more kick than anything your grandmother used to crock.

I got out.....last weekend a few miles that really only warmed up the machine.  Today, a real ride, almost 30 miles worth.   Here I'm coming down our nearby Minimum Maintenance Road.  I was foiled, almost making the top, too steep and not enough traction, those last couple hundred yards crab-steering.  My new high mileage rear tire just doesn't have the required lugs that I should have for snow travel.

Pleasant doesn't do this justice....

I stopped in front of Old Frontenac's Villa Maria, soon to be a very busy place according to plans.

Like last week, another stop at the Frontenac Beach.  I'm more patient than these ice fishermen are.  I can wait....I was standing a ways away, zoomed in.

They're out there quite a ways .....further than it looks.  When the ice is ready, I'll be out there too.

Some decent mileage was added today but it won't impact the 2018 pie chart.  Instead, these are head start miles for the grand 2019 riding season to come, the chart stays as is.


  1. It was a better idea than a GS based thing, that can be a real bear to turn around. Merry Christmas

    1. I considered and actually expected to not make it and wondered about turning around. Figured I'd be careful and with the rig light enough, drag the front around if nothing else. If I'd kept at it, maybe even made it but didn't want to try that hard.

  2. Isn’t it nice to not be put off by a bit of snow and ice? Some GripStuds in that new pusher would help with the hills...

    1. Richard, it is certainly fun to be 1) out when I'm not supposed to be 2) On road surfaces not normally seen by a motorcycle. We talked about traction at coffee yesterday and temporary enhancements....I may give them a try with the emphasis on temporary.

  3. Bet you turned some heads with the rig today!

    1. I did....some thumbs up, some looks of bewilderment but the best part, some (what I took) as knowing smiles. While they may have been smiles of pity, I'm choosing to see them my way.