Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some Old Guzzi Photos

In 1981, my 1979 Suzuki 850 got sold and I used the proceeds to buy a brand new 1980 Moto Guzzi SP1000.

This once the back road to our Prairie Island.  Now this road has been rebuilt and is the shortcut to our nearby Treasure Island Casino.  This water on the road was due to a springtime flooded Mississippi River and the water covered road extends far around this corner.

Chuck and I on our way back from Madison, his red 750 Ducati.

August '82, Illinois Guzzi Rally southwest of Rockford


Mr. Wedge in the green shirt.....


  1. I remember that road to the casino.. seasonal flood'n and portions not paved, narrow one lane bridge. Had a section of nice twisty's... But then with the casino the road was fully paved, a wider bridge and they took out the " fun " twist and turns.
    That white Guzzi looks familiar and how did that Brit get pass security ? :)

    1. I'd ridden that road enough times to not be overly concerned about a deep spot; a nice tire washer. It was my first and last Illinois Guzzi Rally.

  2. Wow, a trip in the way-back machine.

    Is it weird to think they are classified as almost vintage now?

    1. Somehow it didn't take all that long to be vintage, did it?? :)