Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Making Progress (days getting longer too!)

This Post was supposed to happen on the weekend, Superbowl Weekend.  Busy with other things, it wasn't the game or any of the myriad of associated activities that kept me away.  Working a rare Friday (in North Dakota) the weekend felt and was very short, or shorter than what which I've become accustomed to.

Driving north of Fargo on I-29 last week .....everyone still running '5+ over'....

Home late Friday after the long drive SE, it was cold Saturday morning but not nearly as cold (or as windy) as it had been in Grand Forks.  WE were at Diamond's promptly at 7:00 sharp but someone's alarm clock must have malfunctioned or froze...we we started our coffee affairs down the street at the Ideal Diner.  Pie, coffee, an omelet or two while our group kept increasing in number, our occupation of the single counter and stools expanding to the point that we were hogging space from the diner's Usual's.  Finally two more customers entered and that was our signal to vacate and head up to the then-open Diamond's. 

Food and service were great, their patience with our Motorcycle Gang much appreciated.  This could easily become a habit.

At least the wind had gone down at home....and after spending time at mom's house, I'd soon be returning.

FINALLY, the cases split and opened.

This why everything had to come apart.  You can see the splines started to 'spin' and we dealt with that long ago by drilling an axial hole between the shaft and kickstart lever, using a pin to prevent rotation.  Crude but that part worked.  The problem that did not work was the bent shaft....there just wasn't room for the new swing arc to clear the frame/exhaust/peg.

New shaft from the online auction site.....

Now a bunch of cleanup, assembly and pulling some of the swapped parts I installed on my $50 SL125 parts bike.  Having no idea of the condition of the 125, I used the carburetor and ignition system (known entities) from the 100 motor and had the 125, which fit perfectly in the 100 frame.  If there had been a way for me to reasonably check compression before doing so, it appears that I should have.  It very low, I toyed with the idea of new rings and valve work but the transmission was still unproven.  In the end I decided to finish up the 100 engine.

I'll get this back together, pull the 125 out of the frame and get this one back where it belongs.  Then....

Vroom vroom!!

A couple of Posts ago, I spent some words on age, experience, etc.  I haven't always been LX+ and here's a couple of examples to prove it.

This just hasta be Destiny.....No. 312394....a card carrying member!!!


  1. “LX+”? Not sure what that means. Nice, snowy field. Almost makes you want to make tracks of some sort out there. Not necessarily using wheels. Maybe skis.

    I was never in Cub Scouts. I convinced my parents to take me to a meeting once but I figured that they didn’t like something as I never went back...

    1. Richard,
      If it hadn't been for Superbowl LII, I wouldn't have even thought about LX. Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, I with a lot of support from my parents had a good time with both.

  2. I love the old membership cards. A great find in the treasure box.

    Damn, your weather is still so cold. Good thing you guys are hearty in the midwest. The snow is always pretty when fresh too.

    1. Brandy, I'm not sure why dad had these in his chest but that's where they'd been saved. He volunteered a lot and there were cards confirming his membership as well. Mom was a Cubby Den Mother one year so there's a card here for her too.