Saturday, February 4, 2017

Another "Motorcycley" February Weekend

It started last night with Steve and I meeting for Dinner and a Movie at Red Wing's historic Sheldon Theater......

In all these years I'd only seen snippets of the film though knew the basic plot line.  I DID enjoy the scenery, was surprised at Phil Spector's role but best of all was the performance by Mr. Nicholson.

I won't need to see it again ......but I did enjoy it.

This morning we once again gathered for coffee in Mpls and then I was at the gate for the IMS happening at the Mpls Convention Center.

Bikes and random observations that caught my eye....long lines....great turnout.

There were no Yamaha 2017 TW200's at the show, at least I couldn't find one so I began to wonder if Yamaha had backed away from the model, afraid of the Suzuki competition....apparently the TW200 line continues on.

Here, a Suzuki Van Van...

The 200cc.....

The 250cc.....

'wonder what my choices of knobbies would be??

Here it was fun just simply listening....and I'm interested.  We spent a lot of time driving on Irish roads.  RIDING Irish roads would be something I could definitely see myself doing someday.

As my riding friends know, I have a passion for cheeseburgers while out on a good ride.  This was as close as I could get today.

I'm excited about these and will be paying more attention.  Hoping for a test ride soon.

I had promised my Look Back In Time (April 1978) for this Post but this weekend's current motorcycle content trump'd my Great Smoky Mountain trip.  The NEXT Post will feature old scanned slides and some 'other'......won't be long.


  1. Replies
    1. Eric, it was a good show and I'm happy in the end that I went....was touch and go there for awhile.

  2. One of these years I'll make it to a moto show. Thanks for sharing your visit...

    1. Richard, based on what I've heard, there are new promoters/owners of our U.S. show this year. As I remember it, there were typically 12-14 cities around the country that hosted; this year there are 7. Maybe the Canadian show will get closer and be easier for you to attend?

      Learned that next year our show will be early December, very different than any date in the recent past. The Twin Cities are Superbowl hosts next year around this time :)

  3. The exhaust tubing on the Beemer in pic 25, did it go into a two-into-one exhaust muffler on the starboard side?

    I can't imagine the custom "bike" in pic 20 is rideable anywhere...not sure it could even negotiate the slight curb at the edge of my driveway! Was there even rubber on the front wheel?

    1. Dom, you are correct about the exhaust position. A photo on the other side of the bike would have been much more interesting and inclusive but I took the shot I did specifically for a friend.

      Agree with you about the Custom; our garage floor is very nice but I'm not confident that long machine would roll even there. Another side of the hobby that I'm comfortable to brush up next to though not a great fit for the corner I enjoy.

  4. I must be completely out of touch with what's going on in the motorcycle world it seems, an Enfield Scrambler? Why not, although its design reminds me a bit of an MZ.

    1. Sonja, they've been talking about this new Enfield and its new engine for awhile. Personally, I'm very pleased that some smaller, simpler bikes are being introduced from most every continent.

  5. Jealous. They cancelled all the west coast shows anywhere near us. Closest in the USA was Long Beach, CA or we'd have to go to BC again and we didn't trust the border crossing on inauguration weekend for that.

    So...... what did you think of the Versys 300x? Did ya sit on it? It is on my short list with the Honda CB500x as my new bike when I can actually compare them at a dealer.

    1. Brandy, I'm impressed with the new Kawasaki and very pleased that more manufacturers are doing positive things with the sub-1000 class. Both the Versys and CB500X would be on my shortest list as well. Two other prominents on that list are the RX3 and the new Himalyan. I did not sit on the Versys, didn't sit on any of them which is a real character flaw of mine.

      There are 17 in the garage and few riders if any would like the riding position on a single one of them and yet, I can't wait to spend a weekend on each and every one. The only seat or handlebars that I've altered is the wool pad on the Ascot and that only to get another ~1" of space between the pegs and seat. Comfort for me comes when that wind starts blowing against my helmet and chest....I'm just not bright enough to know any better.