Monday, August 3, 2015

Wisconsin Moto Guzzi Rally - 2015

After meeting Dave for breakfast, we changed things up a bit this time by not swinging back into Minnesota or Iowa, rather kept to the east side of the Mississippi the entire way down.  One good reason to not do that is to avoid going through the length of LaCrosse but I was stubborn and decided that for just this one time we'd tough it out and work our way through.  It wasn't all that bad really.

Highway for the most part until just east of LaCrosse where we jumped on Cty MM (a Rustic Road) that actually is a shortcut, at least in distance terms.  Back out to US-61 and then in Coon Valley, up Old Mill Road and on to Cty B to take one more shortcut to Viroqua.  We stuck with US-61 until Fennimore, then used more County roads through Stetzer, Arthur, Rewey and finally skirted the Belmont Mound before crossing the freeway to the Lake Joy Campground.

There was a potty stop on the way down, both for the humans and the canine.  Justin used the extra time to program his next hoped for Route, but only after he was absolutely certain that Dave was going to return.

Early afternoon, we weren't first, we weren't last.....and yes, the Breva was leaned over almost too far but not too far.

Roy was there and my neighbor across the street, arrived at a Rapid pace......

 Diana was there.....

 Packer boosters too......

Glen's Yamaha rally machine....

 Tim's, Kevin's and Dave's.....

 Dan and Al once again made the trip from Lincoln.....good to see you guys again!

I never really did find out.....

 Dave explaining his car rig's features.....

 Greg and the Mrs. signing in at Registration....

 Beer wagon always easy to find...

 I really like these and admired this one...

Saturday morning and all day Saturday we had clouds to admire.  I wasn't alone watching the sun sneak up through the clouds.

Tom's Sport.....

 Did I mention that I like these??

 This one tugs the camper beyond....

A lovely morning, the sun mostly decided to stay with us.  Dave (and Justin) along with Dan (and Jill) joined me on a loop ride, our first real stop breakfast at Grandma's in Highland.

 I had to look back to make sure we were still together after crossing US 151.

 Then we hit some gravel that I hadn't planned on.  However my name may have been taken in vain while actually here, the guys were quick to forgive.  Dave's other rig gobbles this stuff up but the double wide Hannigan hasn't got an abundance of clearance.  Lucky for us all, there were no ruts.

It really didn't last all that long.....

 Omelet's I'd go back for.....and do.

 As we got closer to Mt. Horeb and Madison, the bicycles were everywhere, some solo riders but many large groups.

A leg stretching stop.....


 Not everyone was out playing on the roads like we were......

Another stop, this one in downtown Fayette.

Earl's Girls did a fantastic job of selling 50/50 Drawing tickets, so fantastic that the lucky number payout was $600+ and I'll speculate that their 50/50 uniforms had to have been part of that success.  My 6 winning numbers for $5 were not......maybe next time.

 Ernie was there vending and I happen to know that there was quite a run on his super duper tent stakes.

 Weather in not-that-distant northern IL that had no impact on us whatsoever.....

Another Italian brand.....

 Tim discussing V50's with someone....

 Dinner is being served....

 Randy, Dave and Tim enjoying some sunny shade....

After dinner I retired to my Monarch chair in the shade provided by my 'Stich and Moto Guzzi....listening to some grand new music as the sun and my meal settled.  (I like the IPA)

I wasn't the last to leave Sunday morning but it was getting darned close.....I'll never be in less of a hurry to head home than John is.  Dave's tent is still up, his BMW still shedding daylight.

Mogwai had a tent there that you just won't see at any ol' rally.....

 Finally starting to deflate the Exped......

I left and headed north, thinking that just possibly I'd rendezvous with some of the Mn Sportbike guys at Rockton.  I arrived just after 11:30, chicken was still on the grill and I was #8 in line.

Roughly 45 minutes later, many had been and were being served.

 That rough looking  old '63 Hardtop has a 409....not much to look at but the concept sure brought back memories.  I lost patience, didn't wait around for the MN performance machines to arrive and headed for home.  First up Dutch Hollow, the nearby Rustic Road and then through the heaviest concentration of Amish farms in SW Wisconsin.  I passed and met more buggies on this ride than I've ever encountered on any single ride.

Grain shocks were everywhere....

A gorgeous 609 mile weekend, the Moto Guzzi never missed a beat.


  1. Coop looks like another fantastic rally ... I'd probably be saying a few curse words if I had been following you and hit dirt 😄 but then it didn't look too bad and I probably would have forgiven you too. You guys have way too much fun!

    1. It was clear to the guys that I was as surprised by the gravel as they were....but we got through it without a scratch. This rally in particular makes fun very easy.

  2. Hey! The marque of your bike matched the rally. Was there a mistake?

    1. Richard, it hasn't and won't happen very often .... it almost didn't this time.

  3. Coop it looks like a whole lot of fun was had! I was particularly enthralled by the blue bike with the side car rig.

    1. Dave's big rig is a showstopper and quite a machine in its own right. Both 'car drivers did well to follow me through the very curvy roads we were on that day. It's a lot easier piloting my little two wheeler.

  4. I also noticed, Coop, that the motorcycle brand and the rally theme matched up for a change. Well done. Beautiful pics, and the weather played along nicely.

    1. It seemed that getting the right brand once this season was the proper thing to do. Thanks, the weather was about as perfect as Midwestern July weather can get.

  5. A lot of beautiful machines at the rally and interesting clouds too!

    600 miles seems like a good number for the weekend. The gravel road is begging for the TW200.

    1. My next gravelling will happen on the KLR sad to say. The TW200 has to wait its turn and the KLR has some catching up to do.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed that excellent account about a whole lot of fun.

    That side car rig is unlike anything I've ever seen.

    1. Thank you David! We really enjoy these rallies, good weather only adds to the fun.

      Yes, Dave's car is very unique and gives him something to tinker on :)