Sunday, August 16, 2015

Group Gathering

Late last fall ( I remember because Packer Backers were packed in there) Mike organized a wintery drive across the river to Praag Wisconsin, Bucknuckles the establishment.  He wisely organized another lunch, an advanced plan a couple of months ago and though not everyone invited showed up today in warmer weather, we had a couple late invitees make the trip so our group was nicely sized in spite of the no-shows.  Not nearly the balance of spousal units this time but we'll just have to try again.

Those of us with fine cars decided to drive them, the rest of us were reduced to riding on 2 wheels.  Mike and Colleen were coming down from the Twin Cities, Mark from not that far away in Wisconsin, our meeting spot an oft used central location.....the Freedom gas station in Prescott.

I started out early, early enough to take some side trips and discovered this new to me spot, the City Park in Diamond Bluff.  Had no idea, never been there before.

The old cottonwoods love these river banks....

The BNSF main line was crossed numerous times on my way up.....

Mike and Colleen arrived just as I did in their shiny white Mustang.  Mark was only minutes behind in his MGB.

The decision was made to go with the Tonneau cover, it certainly seemed like the right decision to me.

As Mike and I pulled into the parking lot, a couple of much more sporty bikes were stopped.  Since this location is very often a meeting place for Twin Cities riders headed to the great riding in SW Wisconsin, though I didn't recognize them, I suspected that I very likely knew the group they were part of or at least some of the riders that they expected to join.  As it turned out, I knew some in their potential group but it wasn't long and the two guys decided to head out, enjoying their group of 2.  I mentioned to them what our planned destination was.

Our plan was that Mark would lead to County D just before reaching Nelson and then I'd get us the rest of the way to Praag, the change in leadership happening here.....

Though I was in front, leadership was not really the accurate term.......we learned today that Mike's got some royal blood tucked away somewhere and from now on he's our very own "His Lordship".  You can bet that he'll receive his due respect while we've got anything to say about it!

Up Cty "D", left on Cty "I", then right on Center Creek......

Double "K".......

 On WI #88, arriving on the outskirts of Praag......

 After we'd sat down a few minutes, still waiting to order our lunches, the 2 bike riders we'd spoken with in Prescott arrived for their lunch.

After eating, we all agreed to visit Elmer's Auto & Toy Museum, half of us had been there numerous times, half of us never before.  The group followed me, using the shortcuts, up on the bluff above Fountain City to the museum.

Waumandee .......

 Eagle Valley......

Toys, pedal cars, motorcycles, autos,'s an amazing collection and I felt overwhelmed; the toys alone would have taken a day to truly appreciate.  "No Photos In Buildings" was a tough rule for me to follow but follow I did, a real challenge since my camera is always on a belt loop right at my side.

Once we were ready to go, Eric headed the other direction, Mark headed home using a more direct path than Mike, Colleen, J.P. and I.  Our 3 units stopped in Nelson for ice cream, but J.P. and I needed fuel before getting that far.

This was the signal.....

 More tracks......

 I had gone too far........

Tracks again......

Normally my GPS has no trouble maintaining an adequate signal with the satellites was a different story.  Lots of breaks in the Track.

A very fun day with friends, quite a few "new's" for the group in various ways.  It would be an easy trip to repeat and we most likely will.


  1. Nice way to spend a day with friends! I would have loved a sneak peek of the toy museum.

    1. It was a grand day together with friends, all good....even the parts with those 4 wheeled vehicles. :)

      Heard over and over again at Elmer's..."how did/does he collect all this stuff?" I've seen extensive collections, visited buildings full of treasures but can't remember anything that would compare to the density or volume of artifacts in this collection. We were asked to not photograph and I obeyed, though it was an ongoing challenge for me all afternoon.

  2. Every time you post about a ride in my old stomping grounds I start thinking that I need a full day, long distance road trip.

    Interesting use of old hand pump bulk oil tanks as bench seat ends. Pretty cool.
    I've never been to Elmer's. I can imagine that it's full of goodies.

    1. Eric, it's just so close, some of the best riding anywhere but you know that. If you come down, let me know and I'd meet you somewhere.

      Hard not to enjoy Elmer's. I've literally been by a hundred times and just never was interested enough to stop. Not really being a car guy, didn't think there was enough there to make it worthwhile. Fair number of 2 wheelers, bicycles hanging from most every wall in multiple buildings. There can't be anyone in the world with more pedal cars.

      And then there was the toy building...

  3. A nice caravan of cars and bikes out for the day. It sounds like a worthy outing.

    1. Brandy, just an easy, fun, lazy, no real plan summer day with friends.

  4. Cool group of folks out on a fun day! Even dedicated enough to ride along in cars with the moto crowd.

    Looks like a blast. That "no photo" part had to be agony, tho. lol

    1. Deb, these people always make time together fun. Like I said, the camera was there bouncing around on my hip, one quick zipper opening and the lens is ready and willing. I honestly can't remember when I was last told "NO PHOTOS INSIDE THE BUILDINGS"

  5. ... nice day... good times.. good friends... :)

    1. It really was Mr. A, your company, your company and theirs always treasured.